Root Cosmetics: Lip Swatches Galore!

Hello, beautiful friends!! I've finally put together all of the photos I've ever taken of me wearing my beloved Root Pretty Balms & lipsticks! These photos have been taken in various forms of lighting and over the period of two years, so some photos are better quality than others as I've upped my photo taking … Continue reading Root Cosmetics: Lip Swatches Galore!

New Year, New Beginnings

Hey, Loves! Welcome to my new (and hopefully improved) blog! I wanted to start things off with a little series I'm going to call, "Heart to Hearts", where I'd like to share more about my personal life, experiences as a Mom, and what I'm feeling at the moment. This may sound strange, but I actually … Continue reading New Year, New Beginnings

Liebster Award

  I was nominated byย Happy Bunny Beauty, who has a 100% Cruelty-Free Blog featuring makeup and skincare reviews, as well as vegan snack ideas and spreading insightful love about amazing animals! Thank you for nominating me for this award that's dedicated to helping newer bloggers share some "behind the scenes" info about themselves to properly … Continue reading Liebster Award