30 Activities to Relieve Stress & Find Your Inner JOY While Social Distancing!

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30 Ways to Find Your Inner Joy During a Quarantine! While in the midst of the Coronavirus global pandemic and doing our best to social distance and/or are in Quarantine, there are creative ways to make the most of the time spent indoors & focus on what we CAN control! Click to read a list of 30 inspiring activities to reconnect with your sense of inner joy, uplift your spirit, ease Depression & Anxiety, while adding some much needed peace to your days during this health crisis. #covid19 #activitiesathome #joy #motivation

Hello, my brave souls! Today, I’m continuing with my Self-care & Wellness series, which is a series of posts to help us all focus on what we CAN control in these stressful times of uncertainty in the midst of this current global health crisis. In today’s post, I’ll be trying something a bit different by offering a List Style post that will serve as a checklist for you of different ways to spark your inner fire, JOY, and creativity! I’m a licensed counselor and certified Wellness Coach, and prior to having my son, I worked with clients to help each person tap into parts of his/her lives that he or she felt were missing. Oftentimes, we don’t even realize this vital part is missing until we stop for long enough to notice that what we’ve been searching for through external means, has been inside of us all along, waiting for us to tap into this source!

I was initially shocked at the realization that SO many of us have such jam packed schedules, we never allow time to really express ourselves or get truly lost in a project that we’re doing for OURSELVES! Not for work..not to make moneyโ€ฆ Not to pay the bills or for the kidsโ€ฆ Activities that we simply do because we LOVE it. For me, this is reading, writing, and yoga. I have loved reading since I was a child, and even though I know I love it, I had to make time for it after becoming a mom. I essentially had to tap into that part of myself all over again and find ways to fit it into my new daily life.

Whether you have kids or notโ€ฆ And especially if you don’t (you have a lot more free time to map out your day without taking care of a tiny human being ๐Ÿ˜…, particularly during a Quarantine), NOW is the time to find what brings YOU joy while we’re all social distancing in a group effort to curb this coronavirus that has taken over the world.

At the end of this post, I’ll link all of the Self-care, Wellness tips, & immune boosting posts I’ve posted so far to address all of the elements to making the most of this time & keeping your immune system strong, while we actively fight this virus together!

I usually write long posts with lots of detail, but I wanted to try something different today! When working with clients, we start by simply putting a list of ideas together of different things he or she has always wanted to try and/or different activities to experience. After trying each activity, one at a time, write down how each one made you feel. Since this isn’t a private session between you and me, I’m going to give you a list of general & specific ideas and you can CHOOSE options that resonate with you, personally!

Not everything works for everyone; we’re all different! So what I may love, might actually bring you more anxiety and that’s totally okay! For example, some people LOVE cooking and for them, cooking is a “Zen” experience, whereas, for me, I find cooking to be overwhelming and stressful ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ. We all have different ideas of what FUN is or what we may find to be relaxing. And we’ll never know until we try some things outside of our comfort zone or things we think we may not like, because this opens us up to the opportunity of falling in love with an activity we never would have imagined we’d enjoy in the first place!

The goal is to EXPLORE different ways to really immerse yourself in an activity without looking at your phone, or having the TV on in the background. I mean really, truly engaging in an activity with your full focusโ€ฆ Imagine you’re in a time where the internet and cell phones don’t exist! When time is passing without you looking at the clock, you know you’re on the right track! Also, sometimes it takes more than one try to get a feel for whether or not a certain activity is up your alley! Sometimes, we have to get past our initial hesitation or frustration when exploring something new for the first time before we can really immerse ourselves in it.

So, for each activity you try, turn off your cell phone to minimize distractions! And depending on your schedule, you can try as few or as many activities as you’d like each day! Just remember to write down how you felt after each one so you don’t lose track of what you’ve done and how it went ๐Ÿ‘.

Oh, one last thing! We’ve all gotten birthday presents or gifts (ie: adult coloring books, kits, books, journals, etc) in the past that we never used or made time for. Now would be a great time to find those assorted items, dust them off, and give them a try!

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30 Ways to Find Your Inner Joy During a Quarantine! Let's try to focus on what we CAN control during this time of fear and uncertainty. Learn 30 uplifting, inspiring activities that you can do at home to make the most of your time indoors, reducing stress, easing depression, & adding some peace to your days during this health crisis! #covid19 #activitiesathome #anxietyrelief #stressrelief #findingjoy #personaldevelopment

So, here’s a list of 30 activities to spark creativity & find your INNER JOY! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐ŸŽ‰

  1. Journaling-Free Style (write down anything that comes to mind for any length of time to get out ALL those trapped thoughts/feelings/fears/anxiety).
  2. Journaling-with prompts (there are tons of free journal prompts on Pinterest, in my Pinterest boards for Mental Health/Self-care, online, or from guided journals online– refer to my blog posts linked below for my favorite options! You can focus on Gratitude, Positive Affirmations, or a blend of free style writing & writing what you’re grateful for each day! There’s no wrong way to journal!
  3. Adult Coloring Books-or a blank piece of paper and any form of coloring materials you have. Coloring and art therapy are both amazing ways to de-stress!
  4. Arts/crafts-creating something out of nothing to get those creative juices flowing and sparking your imagination!
  5. Jewelry Making-there are simple kits online or you may have some loose beads/thread at home.
  6. Learning a new skill such as knitting, sewing, crocheting, writing poetry, singing, dancing, etc.
  7. Anything DIY (Do It Yourself) that you’ve been curious to try but never did!
  8. Cook a new meal or cook for the first time.
  9. Bake bread from scratch (this will also help you discover if baking is your thing!). I’ve found that some people dislike cooking, but love baking, and vice versa!
  10. Read a self-help and/or self improvement book.
  11. Read a fiction book.
  12. Read a non-fiction book. There are SO many genres of books out there. Some people think they hate reading because they’ve never read a book that’s up their alley. You can also try audio books through Hoopla (an app linked to your local library where you can borrow books for free! Both ebooks & audio books!)
  13. Try different hair styles you’ve always been afraid to experiment with and never had the time to try! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest for inspo!
  14. Play with Makeup! If you’re not leaving the house, you don’t have to worry about what others will think! You can truly experiment with your style, tips & tricks, & expressing your style through makeup like never before!
  15. Explore your clothes in your closet. Find different ways to wear what you have, rediscover old favorites, and re-connect with your sense of unique style! Donate clothes that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in over a year to de-clutter.
  16. Think about creating a Capsule Wardrobe!
  17. Take old magazines and cut out inspiring photos-it can be anything from a color you like, to photos of nature you find calming, to makeup looks, to objects that are nostalgic for you and create a board using these pictures. This board will serve to remind you about aspects of yourself or your life that have been dormant for a while and will help you reconnect to & fine tune your big-picture goals in life.
  18. Exercise! Try a different type of cardio–dance, Bellyfit, Zumba, etc. (my blog post on how I lost weight postpartum goes in depth with finding a form of exercise you love as well as my favorite at home workouts!)
  19. Try all different forms of Yoga. There are a lot! We usually lump Yoga into one idea of what it is, but there are many styles! Traditional yoga isn’t so much my thing, but I can’t live without Kundalini Yoga!
  20. Try Meditation. I guarantee you can find a form that you actually like! There is “Active Meditation”, which involves mindful movement or repeating a mantra, for example, whereas there’s Traditional Meditation where you’re still and try to quiet your mind. We usually associate meditation with traditional meditation and imagine ourselves trying to completely be still and quiet our minds, like Buddha overnight, which ends up being more frustrating than anything (it takes time to build up to Buddha level meditation skills ๐Ÿ˜… and there are different paths to get there). Explore different ways of incorporating this amazing stress-relieving tool into your daily routine!
  21. Start a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try, but never made time for. Is that writing? Starting a blog? Starting a YouTube Channel? Building Model Airplanes? Digging out that Photoshop gift you got last Christmas & learning how to use it? The sky’s the limit here!
  22. Learn a New Subject! Whether that’s taking an online course in website design/development, marketing, nutrition, etc., you can either opt for a paid course or do lots of online reading to explore a new subject.
  23. Take up an instrument! Or, if you used to play an instrument and it’s been collecting dust for years, take it back out and re-learn how to play it! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube for how to play different songs for any instrument you can think of!
  24. Learn a new language! There’s never been a better time to know more than one language and this is EXCELLENT for keeping your mind & brain active!
  25. Learn something NEW! Have you always been curious about Energy Healing or Reiki but have no idea what goes into it? What about the metaphysical benefits of Crystals? Holistic Wellness? Healthy Eating? Alternative Medicine? Now’s the time to explore all those areas you haven’t tapped into, but have been on the back burner!
  26. Try Photography! Capturing moments inside your home, in your backyard, or taking the perfect photo that captures the heart of one of your favorite objects. Explore the world of photography.
  27. Try Mindfulness. This is a form of active meditation, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn to enjoy life in the NOW, which can also help give you ideas on other areas to explore.
  28. Make your skincare ritual/bathing a ZEN experience. Learning ways to enjoy the body we’re in is just as important as exercising and tapping into our creative minds!
  29. Make all natural perfume with different essential oils in combinations that resonate with you! You can make blends for stress relief, uplifting blends, for calming the mind when you go to sleep, or simply explore the immense sensorial world of different scents!
  30. Try DIY Skincare recipes: body lotion, oil cleansing, facial toners, hair rinses, facial balms, lip balm, or DIY treatments/masks for skin concerns you have: ie, eczema, acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, etc. Everyday can be a Spa at Home day!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these 30 ideas to explore ways to spark your inner joy! ๐Ÿ’–โœจ Feel free to comment below with any questions or topics that you’d like to see more of during this trying time! ๐Ÿ™

I’ll be posting different blog topics that relate to all of the above to keep you motivated to take one day at a time, to the best of your ability! I’m here for you all, as we’re all in this together! I’m currently living in the epicenter of where the coronavirus is, in NJ, so believe me when I say, I understand your fears and I’m here to post helpful articles to inspire you to keep moving forward, doing the best that we can for ourselves and the people we love! Be sure to subscribe to my email list so that you don’t miss any new posts!

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30 Ways to Relieve Stress & Find Your Inner Joy During a Quarantine! Let's try to focus on what we CAN control during this time of uncertainty. Learn 30 uplifting, inspiring activities that you can do at home to make the most of your time indoors, reducing stress, easing depression, & adding some peace to your days during this health crisis! #covid19 #activitiesathome #anxietyrelief #stressrelief #findingjoy #personaldevelopment
30 Ways to Relieve Stress & Find Your Inner Joy While Social Distancing! Learn 30 uplifting, inspiring activities that you can do at home to make the most of your time indoors, reducing stress, easing depression, & adding some much needed peace to your days during this health crisis! #quarantineideas  #activitiesathome #quarantinebucketlist #anxietyrelief #stressrelief #personaldevelopment

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