5 Natural Remedies to Get Over a Cold & FLU FAST! Plus, 3 Vitamin Deficiencies to Look Out For!

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5 Tips to Get Over a Cold & FLU Super Fast!

Covid-19 Update: We are currently in the midst of the Coronavirus global pandemic and I’m here to help provide you with blog posts related to self-care tips and the amazing natural remedies we have available to us! When we feel threatened by a looming virus that we can’t necessarily control, we have to focus on what we CAN control, by nurturing our body’s immune system & feeding our body with essential nutrients. Sometimes, a crisis leads us to forming a better understanding of what our bodies need in order to heal and to function optimally.

I’ll be posting different blog topics that relate to all of the above to keep you motivated to take one day at a time, to the best of your ability! I’m here for you all, as we’re all in this together! I’m currently living in the epicenter of where the coronavirus is, in NJ, so believe me when I say, I understand your fears and I’m here to post helpful articles to inspire you to keep moving forward, doing the best that we can for ourselves and the people we love! Be sure to subscribe to my email list so that you don’t miss any new posts! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ’ž

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Whether you’re a parent with no sick time (yup, there’s no “time off” in the parenting realm ๐Ÿ˜…) or you have a job that doesn’t give you paid time off, no one actually enjoys being sick! So, as someone who suffers from an Autoimmune disease and gets sick very often, due to a lowered immune system, I’ve become very adept at figuring out tried and true natural remedies for getting rid of a cold, flu, or virus as fast as possible!

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Let’s get down to it!

  • Oreganol P73 is known as Nature’s Antibiotic & I dedicated an entire blog post ALL about the benefits of this magical medicine that nature provides. Read ALL about it HERE. What makes this product stand out from the rest is that it’s both antifungal, anti-viral, & anti-bacterial, so it does triple duty to wipe out multiple kinds of sickness and chronic conditions, which is why I dedicated an entire post to it two years ago and recently updated the post! I highly recommend reading that post first and coming back here for the rest of the tips that work incredibly well when used together. ๐Ÿ‘
  • Yogi Immune Support Tea– staying hydrated, in general, is important, but I’m assuming you already know that, so let’s take it one step further. Herbal teas do double duty because they serve to hydrate our bodies, while also providing herbal medicine & vital antioxidants to support our immune systems & help clear out our respiratory system. My absolute favorite herbal tea that packs a serious punch is Yogi’s immune support tea which contains three different kinds of echinacea along with a myriad of other helpful herbs to support the respiratory tract, digestive system, Inflammation, & general healing on multiple levels. I double brew this tea (using two tea bags at a time for an extra strong brew) and drink it as often as I can throughout the day (especially in the beginning stages of a new illness). If I’m congested, the herbs in this blend help to immediately break up the mucus in my head like nothing else can. It even seems to help with the aches, pains, and headaches that come with an illness! I literally order this through subscribe and save on Amazon because I cannot be without this tea in my house! I’m all for loose tea blends, but these are great because you can bring them with you on the go, keep a few in your bag in case you start to feel under the weather and want to help your body fight it off as soon as possible. This brings me to my next suggestion!
  • Raw Honey or to step it up a notch if your wallet can afford the added expense, with Manuka Honey, because it packs an even bigger punch at eradicating viruses and unwanted bacteria, while giving our immune systems a boost. I just put a heaping teaspoon in each cup of tea that I drink so my tea is even more effective and is serving multiple purposes all at once! Hydration, immune boosting herbs, & antibacterial/antifungal properties from honey. If you’re vegan (and you’re still with me!), skip the honey and use my first suggestion (Oreganol P73) in liquid form as a tincture, which you can find HERE.
  • Elderberry Syrup–you can either find a DIY recipe online (I have quite a few pinned under several boards on my Pinterest account @NaturalClarity or you can always Google it) if you’re feeling brave & crafty or you can purchase pre-made versions in liquid form or “>brand because I can find it in most local convenient stores or buy it online & stock up (because, believe me, when you wake up totally under the weather, the last thing you want to do is go to the store to shop for these things)! I also really love this brand because it combines a lot of helpful ingredients in addition to Elderberry! For kids & picky eaters, this is the only Black Elderberry Syrup that my 3 year old really likes in gummies or liquid, so I’m really glad to have found one that he actually likes! Elderberry has been used for centuries for its superb antiviral & antibacterial properties, while giving your immune system a major boost. Elderberry can be used as a preventative medicine when taken daily (to keep your immune system strong to ward off illness) or used more aggressively in higher dosages multiple times a day when you’re currently battling an illness.
  • A high quality multivitamin without fillers like this one, which is a once daily formula for added convenience. Or, for those who are suffering from any chronic condition & are in need of added immune support with extra vitamins to fill multiple needs, I highly, highly recommend this well-rounded multivitamin, which was a total game changer for me after years and years of being disappointed by other brands because I didn’t want to invest in a higher quality vitamin, not believing what a tremendous difference it would make. And it really, truly does make a world of difference if you find yourself constantly getting sick or suffering from any form of chronic illness.
  • โœจUsing a high quality multivitamin is truly key to keeping your immune system functioning at top performance while also helping your body fight off an invasion of a new illness. There are a bunch of cheap Multivitamins out there & believe me, it took me over 15 years to realize what a difference it makes when using a cheap brand that isn’t readily absorbed by the body and is loaded with nasty fillers because the supplement industry is totally unregulated in the USA. A high quality supplement is produced in a way that the body can actually absorb the nutrients that we do desperately need without all the unnecessary fillers that come with a slew of side effects. Of course, we all hear about added Zinc & vitamin C to help during a cold or flu virus, which is true (zinc is best while you’re actually sick, while vitamin C helps to prevent a sickness from getting worse or from picking it up altogether). However, if you already have a well-rounded multivitamin (which is basically what all those fancy cold busters you find at the store are mainly comprised of–vitamins you’d find in a good multivitamin supplement), you’ll find yourself getting sick much less often.

*** I was recently reminded of the importance of a daily multivitamin after I stopped taking my daily multivitamin because I was having issues with common fillers in the cheaper brands, like magnesium stearate, which wreaks havoc on my digestive system & contributes to headaches for me. I tried taking separate vitamins that I thought would be enough on their own, but clearly, it wasn’t because I wound up being vitamin deficient because my diet has not been ideal and I have a lot of health concerns I’m dealing with, in general. (even with a superb diet, our soil is no longer nutrient dense due to the environmental conditions in our world, which means we have to supplement with vitamins). SO, to make a long story short (because this topic could literally be a blog post all by itself) it makes more sense to spend more on a high quality, all inclusive multivitamin that has all the necessary vitamins and minerals you would ideally need on a daily basis to keep your immune system happy and functioning optimally, rather than spending money on each vitamin you think may be helpful for you (that really adds up, as well, more so than the cost of the brand I recommend and have been using & loving). The difference both mentally & physically is downright unbelievable, but true!***

Added Bonus!

Key Vitamin Deficiencies to Look Into:

Some key vitamin deficiencies to look into if you’ve been feeling under the weather more often than usual. These are deficiencies that more and more Americans are facing across the board, so getting a blood test to find out if you’re deficient or are on the lower end of “normal” can be really helpful. This is how I found out I was severely iron deficient & vitamin D deficient. These vitamins affect us not only physically, but psychologically. We can become irritable, depressed, anxious, chronically tired, & this is just the tip of the ice-berg!

  1. Iron levels–if your diet is high in processed foods, definitely look further into this one!
  2. Vitamin D–this particular vitamin is incredibly important because it acts more as a hormone in our bodies that helps facilitate the overall balance & production of many other bodily systems that we require in order to be healthy & at our best. It’s become an epidemic in America, with the majority of Americans being deficient in this critical nutrient.
  3. B vitamins–for energy production, focus, & mental health. If you feel like you can’t stay focused when you normally can or are struggling to stay awake despite getting enough sleep, or are suffering from regular headaches, wicked PMS, mood swings, etc.,look into symptoms of B Vitamin deficiencies.

Also, many traditional doctors don’t take it seriously when our numbers come back on the “low side”, but are still in the “normal” range. For example, my vitamin D levels hover around 25-30, despite taking vitamin D3 supplements on a daily basis and getting regular sun exposure. The “normal” range from the perspective of a traditional, western doctor is 30-100 whereas many research studies & functional medicine doctors show how symptoms don’t improve until a person’s levels reach at least 60. I had every single symptom of vitamin D deficiency while I was at the low end of “normal” and felt absolutely miserable until I was able to get my number up to around 70 out of 100, which I achieved by taking a high quality multivitamin & probiotics to help my body actually absorb the vitamin D I was taking. My doctor was absolutely no help with any of this and I realized this through doing my own research and taking action steps to promote my own health and Wellbeing. Of course, I say this with a lot of caution, though, because too much vitamin D can be toxic, so you need to be sure you really are vitamin D deficient before taking matters into your own hands and that you’re also getting regular blood tests to ensure that your levels are within a safe range. Because many vitamin deficiencies overlap when it comes to how they’re expressed via symptoms. Although my doctor isn’t always the most helpful, he does listen to my concerns and provides feedback in helping me achieve the wellness I’m seeking, especially because he knows that I like to make educated & informed choices. So, be comfortable with your doctor, whether he or she is a traditional, western practitioner or a functional medicine doctor.

Final Takeaway & Thoughts

If you’ve been feeling “under the weather” both mentally & physically, I highly recommend researching the symptoms associated with each vitamin deficiency in order to address what may be contributing to your feelings of dis-ease. It’s not normal to constantly feel unwell & we tend to sweep these feelings under the rug because we live in a nonstop, “go, go, go” society where we leave very little room for self-care. But, remember, in order to be at our best for others and for the world at large, we have to be able to be at our bestโ€ฆ. And the only way we can do this is if we feel healthy enough to be productive! Not only productive, but creativeโ€ฆ Inspiredโ€ฆ And motivated! Believe me, I know the struggle all too wellโ€ฆ I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at the age of 22, which turned into full blown Hashimotos Disease by age 30 and it’s been one thing after another ever since, but what this did teach me was how to take matters into my own hands & be proactive in attaining wellness. It’s a constant journey and battle in many ways, but the key is first educating ourselves to illuminate the problem at hand in order to find a solution. ๐Ÿ‘

I hope you found this post helpful or inspiring in some way! My goal is to motivate you to keep moving forward, no matter how miserable or hopeless you may be feeling right now. The first step is knowledge followed by informed action. You’ve got this! Let’s keep our inner fire burning and our immune systems thriving! Support the body that does SO much for you each and every day! Honor the body you’re in, and take it one day at a time. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™

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