Fitglow Beauty Lip Serum Honest Review with Lip Swatches!

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Hello, beautiful friends! Today I’m here to share lip swatches of the cult favorite Lip Serums from Fitglow Beauty! I have to admit, Fitglow is a brand I didn’t automatically gravitate towards due to their high price point and overall marketing; none of it jivved with me on a personal level & I always felt that so many products in green beauty are overpriced because they’re marketed as “luxury items”. Fitglow is sort of the Green Beauty equivalent of brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, & YSL. My whole issue with “luxury” beauty is that I KNOW items don’t have to cost that much in order to have a collection of high quality, high performing, Nontoxic Cosmetics. But, at the same time, some products really are worth all the hype that they receive & at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you’re comfortable & are able to spend on makeup. It’s about having fun and self expression!

With all that being said, after using these lip Serums for almost 2 years now, I’m finally here to bring you a post with my thoughts and lip swatches! When I first tried the shade Gospel, I wasn’t convinced & it wasn’t love at first try. These lip Serums have a plumping agent that took some getting used to at first & it actually stung my lips the first few times. That hasn’t happened since, so I think I had some dermatitis on my lips at the time that just didn’t react well… Once I used the product multiple times, my lips adjusted and I hardly felt the sensation anymore.

Fast forward to the present day and I own over half a dozen of these lip Serums because I love them THAT much!! Why all the love? And why are they so famous when they’re literally the most expensive lip product on the green beauty market (to my knowledge–& I’ve been in this game for over 13 years now!)?

Well, here’s the answer & what my honest thoughts are:

Fitglow’s Lip Serums are designed to be a 3 in one product: a lip treatment, a lip gloss, & a lip enhancer (ie: plant derived plumping agent). Now, I have naturally full lips to begin with (believe me, I have a thousand other flaws to make up for that one thing! ๐Ÿ˜…), so I don’t seek out lip plumpers, however, the big deal for me with this aspect is how these lip Serums manage to fill in lip lines LIKE NO OTHER PRODUCT & make my lips look SO healthy no matter what horrid state they may be in!

I do try to take very good care of my lips on a daily basis, but I get sick and lazy from time to time, & I’m constantly battling chronically dry lips, so a staple lip product that applies pigment to my lips while treating the dryness on a superior level to my beloved tinted lip balms is something I’m definitely interested in. And I can say, with full assurance, that these lip Serums deliver in that aspect! They do an incredible job at healing dry, chapped, flaking lips, while filling in lip lines I never even realized I had, Creating the illusion of super smooth, full, pouty lips that have the natural health of a child’s lips (my son has this envy-worthy, perfect little rose-bud mouth ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š).

So, with this in mind, if I think of these as an actual lip conditioning treatment/hydrating mask that stays on my lips throughout the day while also providing my lips with much needed color, I can justify the price tag if I find these Serums on sale, & I often ask for them as gifts when people don’t know what to get me for my birthday or Christmas.

I’m also not a huge fan of lip gloss because it’s hard to find the right consistency that isn’t too thin or too sticky. These lip Serums are literally the goldilocks of lip gloss. They’re thick without being overly sticky, but they’re substantial enough that the formula doesn’t just sink into my lips, it actually stays on top, creating a nice buoyant surface! These lip Serums mimic what healthy skin is supposed to look like: smooth, hydrated, plump, & elastic.

The only downside I can think of is that they don’t last that long on my lips if I’m eating or drinking. This is true for many lip products, especially lip glosses, but even if I’m just sipping water out of my water bottle, I find that I’ll need to re-apply soon after. However, they do fade evenly & don’t feather out. ๐Ÿ‘

So, to make it worth it, I purchase from sites like (they’re almost always having a 15% off sale with free shipping of some kind) and you can bundle that discount by buying the duos they offer for $69, as opposed to the whopping $42 each. For the holidays, I see that Fitglow is also offering mini sizes at even more affordable prices, which is a great way for you to try them out to see if they’re worth the cost to you. is also having their Semi-annual Sale where if you add $125 worth of items in your cart, you’ll receive a free 7 piece kit with a value of over $200! Oh, and the Detox Market is another great place to shop for a wide variety of brands sales happen frequently! I rarely, if ever, order directly from Fitglow’s website because their sales are ridiculous, in my “middle class”, humble opinion ๐Ÿคฃ. The only way you will ever save more than 15% is if you’re willing to throw down at least $200-300 on their site, on their products alone. At least at Safe & Chic, the Detox Market, or Credo Beauty, you have the option to purchase multiple brands you’ve had your eye on & still save more money in the process!

This was supposed to be a short and sweet intro, but alas, in true Julie fashion, I had to explain myself. Especially if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve talked a little bit of smack about Fitglow in the past ๐Ÿ˜‚, so I wanted to explain how I’ve arrived at this post!

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I don’t own every single shade from the lip serum line, so these are the lip swatches of the shades I do own & they were taken at different times when I was out and about, rather than my usual lip swatch photos that tend to be somewhat more professional, but they still show the colors true to life & I’ll add a quick shade description for each!

๐Ÿ’‹On to the Lip Swatches!๐Ÿ’‹

Fitglow Lip Serum in Gospel
Fitglow Lip Serum in Gospel in different lighting.

Gospel: is described as a nude berry shade & I have to agree with that description. It’s definitely more on the cooler-toned side of the berry spectrum. I would love to see a true nude-red in their line in the future!

Fitglow Lip Serum in Go

Go: Go is a light wash of sheer baby pink & while this shade would wash me out in just about any other formula, it surprisingly works as a lip serum because it’s sheer enough to not be too pale. I actually reach for this shade a lot when I’m in the house, first thing in the morning, or at night when I’m reading for a bit before bed because the color is subtle enough. I can imagine this shade being particularly stunning on medium skin tones!

Fitglow Lip Serum in Rose’

Rose‘: this was part of their spring duo, I believe, with the other shade being Kind (I don’t have a Lip Swatch of kind, but it’s essentially Go’s warm-toned sister). Rose’ looks so much more pigmented on Fitglow’s models than it ever did on me. It’s virtually a completely sheer, clear shade with a hint of pink & a lot of gold micro-shimmer. I’ve actually almost finished an entire tube of this shade because it went really, really fast (faster than other shades I’ve used with the same frequency ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ), but this is another shade that’s great to use as a lip treatment with a bit of shimmer. You could definitely wear this one to bed & not worry about it.

Fitglow Lip Serum in Buff

Buff: Whoever named this gorgeous shade such a boring name such as “Buff” drives me insane๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ! Buff is by far my absolute favorite shade from Fitglow’s Lip Serums because it’s the perfect & I mean perfect MLBB color with a cream finish that is also neutral enough to be in the nude lip family. This is the shade that made me fall head over heals… It’s just perfection & has the perfect amount of depth so as to not wash me out, despite me being pale. They describe it as a nude-taupe, which is an odd description. It’s a rose-nude with a hint of subdued brown that literally mimics the shade of healthy lips! It’s classic, demure, & goes with everything!

Fitglow Lip Serum in Root
Fitglow Lip Serum in Root

Root: Root is the second shade in the duo that Fitglow released for Fall 2018 (the first shade was Buff) & they’ve since made it a permanent shade in their collection. I want Buff to be a permanent shade (and maybe it is by now, I should check)! Although Root is another gorgeous nude, albeit a deeper nude with burnished brown undertones and a hint of red that keeps it from being too brown. This shade reminds me a lot of my favorite Red Apple Lipstick shade in Chai Love You in lip gloss form ๐Ÿ˜!

Fitglow Lip Serum in Juice

Juice: is one of two shades released in the Holiday Duo from 2018. It’s a sheer, strawberry red with shimmer. If you’re afraid of red lipstick but always wanted to wear some form of red, Juice is what you’re looking for!

Here’s another shade of me wearing Juice with my son last year! You can see the glossy effect better in this photo:

Fitglow Lip Serum in Juice. Gavin is rocking the “baby lips” no lippie “I woke up like dis”, lip look! ๐Ÿคฃ
Fitglow Lip Serum in Deep
Fitglow Lip Serum in Deep in different lighting.

Deep: is the second shade featured in the holiday duo from 2018 that can be purchased individually or as a trial size in their new holiday lip trios found at Safe & Chic, the Detox Market, or Credo Beauty. It’s a very pretty and surprisingly wearable medium/deep red with berry undertones. The fact that these lip Serums are somewhat sheer, it makes colors that might be too much in Lipstick form actually become wearable!

Fitglow Lip Serum in Nudie

Nudie: is another favorite shade of mine & it’s a color I’ve been searching for, for years! It’s a nude with Mauve undertones, giving that MLBB effect without a trace of brown. In the above photo, it looks a bit brighter than it actually does on me normally, but the effect of the color is still true to life. I was wearing a lip stain earlier in the day prior to this photo and although most had worn off, my lips were a bit enhanced prior to applying Nudie. So if you have naturally pigmented lips, this is what Nudie may look more like on you. But, Nudie is one of those tried and true MLBB shades that is a great starting point if you just wanted to splurge on one shade. Nudie is the cooler-toned sister to Buff.

That about wraps up my lip swatches of the shades I own in my collection! I didn’t pick up the newest duo for this past Fall 2019, out of fear that the shades were too nude-brown for my fair skin. But, I am eyeing the mini trios that are offered on Safe & Chic, the Detox Market, or Credo Beauty, one of which has the clear night treatment, but as I’ve said, some of the lighter shades can double as such.

Oh, and I get asked this all the time! What do I use at night time as my favorite vegan lip balm/night treatment & for the past 7 years, it’s been Rallye Balm by Red Apple Lipstick! I buy this stuff in the three pack, give it to friends and family as stocking stuffers or thoughtful gifts, and you can stack my coupon, Clarity15 for 20% off $50+ with the monthly 10% off coupon they send! I have tons of swatch photos of their lipstick shades on my site, just type Red Apple Lipstick into the search bar if you’d like to check them out! ๐Ÿ’žโœจ

Don’t miss my Honest Review of Fitglow Beauty’s Lip Serums with Lip Swatches! AND my Safe & Chic Shopping Guide, which is FULL of swatches and mini reviews of each product I’ve been loving! Check out the Natural/Cruelty Free Category on my blog for all of my other Green Beauty Reviews!

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I’m very thankful for all of you that find your way to my little site! Let’s support one another, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Season, & in all of life ever after…

Thank you for sharing your time with me for a bit! I hope you found this review helpful!


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