100 Percent Pure Rose Gold Palette: Swatches, Review, & FOTD!

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As soon as I saw this Rose Gold Palette from 100 Percent Pure, it was love at first sight. I own almost all of 100 Percent Pure’s makeup palettes because I love having palettes to play with and use for either super intricate or super easy, out-the-door, no-fuss looks (the latter being the kind of looks I’ve been going for 99% of the time and palettes really do make life so much easier when in a rush!).

Rose Gold has been growing in popularity, in general, and is definitely the IT color right now in the makeup realm (and has been for some time). It’s a color I absolutely love in jewelry, but have a hard time pulling off in makeup, except with Root’s November blush (that’s my HG Rose Gold blush/all over color because it has the perfect balance of Rose to Gold ratio). However, really popular rose gold shades, such as Root’s Tan Rose look sickly on me 🤷‍♀️. My fair, warm toned skin just seems to pull all the rose tones and not as much of the tan tones, which just makes me look unwell 😂. Tan Rose looks stunning on every other person I’ve ever seen it on, though, so Rose Gold is considered to be one of those universally flattering shades when done right. So, that’s why I got super excited about this newest release from 100 Percent Pure to see what their take would be and where they would go with creating an entire color scheme around the concept of Rose Gold for both the eyes, as well as the face. The Rose Gold Palette contains five shades in total: one illuminator, one blush, & 3 eyeshadows.


Different Lighting-Swatches Rose Gold Palette
Swatches of Rose Gold Palette in direct Sunlight
Up close Swatches of the Rose Gold Palette

Shade Descriptions:

Illuminator in the shade Prism–this shade is very softly pressed and creates quite a bit of kick-back reminiscent of the old makeup days from 100 Percent Pure before they perfected their pressed formulation by the time the Better Naked Palette was released (I’ve been purchasing from 100 Percent Pure since 2008!). I don’t quite know what’s different about this new palette in comparison to the way their others were pressed, but there is definitely a notable difference. This is the most SUBTLE highlight shade I think I’ve ever experienced in my life! Just look at the photo in direct sunlight above, which shows how little overall sheen there actually is in this shade. I’m not entirely sure where they were going when they decided to make this highlight so subtle. Maybe because the blush shade has some illuminosity, they wanted to make a subtle pairing with this shade? My other issue is that the tone of this highlight is a strong gold that isn’t light enough for me to use as an all over lid color on the eyes and it’s a bit too dark for me in the inner corners and brow bone because it’s not a brightening shade at all. It’s a bit darker than my pale skin tone, so deeper skin tones might like this shade a lot more!

Blush in Primp: is a very warm, rose gold with copper/terra-cotta undertones & more emphasis on the orange/gold than the rose tones, overall. I was also surprised to find that this blush serves more as a blush topper for me than an outright blush on its own. I have to build it up quite a bit to make it show up enough on my cheeks as a blush (I do love my blush, though, so maybe others who do softer blush looks wouldn’t feel the same way). Since the highlight seems geared for deeper skin tones, I thought the blush would be better suited for deeper skintones, as well, but I don’t know how well this would show up on a skintone past a medium level of depth. Otherwise, it would probably be more of a blush topper. ***For the perfect rose gold blush, I’ve been head over heels in love with Root’s loose blush in November, which is a true Rose Gold that has the perfect balance between rose and gold to be a unique blush shade, while still being wearable and a true “blush”.

Eyeshadows: from left to right
Luster: is a bronze shade with gold shimmer and a hint of warm rose that gives a subdued coppery effect. This is the deepest of the three shades and is a medium shade with a satin finish.

Gleam: this is the lightest shade out of the three (why they stuck it in the middle of the three shades is beyond me–usually palettes go from light to dark 🤷‍♀️). Gleam is a light warm pink with a cool-toned sheen that gives it a rose’ champagne effect. This color is not light enough for me to use all over the lid as a one-wash shade from inner corner to brow bone because it’s too pink and makes me look sickly if I try to use it this way, however, on deeper skin tones, and to use as a one-wash lid shade (not including inner corner and brow bone), many others will be able to use this color. it’s just not as pale as I imagined it would be when I initially saw the palette. So, there is no super light shade in this palette at all.

Glimmer: This shade is in between the first and second shade, depth-wise. It’s a light-medium, warm-rose shade with a hint of orange, a gold sheen and a satin finish.

FOTD featuring all the shades in the Rose Gold Palette & Lipstick in Red Gold:

FOTD in different lighting at night indoors

Final Thoughts:

Overall, they went a very different direction with this palette! Usually, their palettes contain a matte blush, so I was excited to get a shimmer blush for once with a pearlescent finish (aside from their Mermaid palette–swatches and review coming for that one, too!). I’m super disappointed with the highlight shade because I just can’t get it to work for me in any capacity: as a highlight or eyeshadow shade because of the color & lack of luminosity and overall brightening effect. The eyeshadows are all light to medium shades, which is very rare in a palette & we’ve never seen that in 100 Percent Pure Palettes up until now. I personally, was very excited about this! Their other palettes typically contain one light shade and two deeper eyeshadow shades. I rarely use the deepest shades because I don’t wear liner often and I don’t rock a smokey eye 😂, so I was actually excited to see three lighter shades that I could imagine myself using all three of for once! The three shades are so similar, though… I can’t imagine that you would be able to get an infinite amount of looks with this palette with the limited color scheme, but if you love these actual shades, you won’t feel like you need to! When I really love certain shades, I’ll wear the same look or similar looks over and over again, and I actually find a form of comfort in having go-to looks that I don’t have to think about.

Overall, I personally can’t use this as a standalone palette, but I do love reaching for it for specific shades. Each eyeshadow shade makes a beautiful one-and-done shadow look when I pair it with a lighter lid shade for my inner corner and brow bone. I just really wish the highlight shade was more brightening and had more lustre because then I’d be able to use it all over the lid for a full eye look. Each shadow shade is very pigmented and lasts all day. If you like these shades in the swatches, I think you should definitely give this new palette a try! 100 Percent Pure does have a reasonable return policy if it’s within a 30 Day period.

You can purchase this or other 100 Percent Pure palettes through this link if you’d like to help support me if you like my content & found it helpful! 100percentpure.com

What are your thoughts on this new Palette and Rose Gold, in general? I absolutely love Rose Gold, in general, so even though I’m usually not one for trends, I’m really digging this whole Rose Gold trend!

I hope you found these swatches & review helpful! I have other palettes from this brand to review, so please let me know if you’d like to see swatches of those!

Love & Light, 💋💞✨


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