Root Cosmetics: Lip Swatches Galore!

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Hello, beautiful friends!! I’ve finally put together all of the photos I’ve ever taken of me wearing my beloved Root Pretty Balms & lipsticks! These photos have been taken in various forms of lighting and over the period of two years, so some photos are better quality than others as I’ve upped my photo taking skills over the years as well as started using a DSLR camera for super detailed lip swatches. My hair will also be different in all of the photos, too ๐Ÿ˜‚. I wanted to piece this together for you all because it’s Black Friday and Root is having some epic sales this weekend and for Cyber Monday!

I have super pale lips that have lost their natural pigment over time, so lip shades tend to look vibrant and true-to-color on me (although they will look different on each person who wears them, but hopefully these swatches will give you a reference point!).

I personally adore tinted lip balms of all kinds and wear them all day long. I keep my pretty balms stashed away in my purse, coat pockets, desk drawers, vanity, and in secret places around my house because I feel absolutely naked without a lippie of some kind and I suffer from chronically dry lips, so hydration is a must for me!

Root also carries a line of vegan Shea Butter lipsticks and I have a few lip swatches of some of my favorite shades!

Swatch time! 

Marsala Pretty Balm

Different lighting to show the cool-toned iridescence of Marsala ๐Ÿ˜ (the difference that standing in front of a window will make when taking photos of makeup!)

One last shot of Marsala in the car, which shows the color very true to life!

Pretty Balm in Lulu– a soft orchid pink.

Pretty Balm in August-a deep, burnt brick red

Pretty Balm in May– beautiful, neutral light pink with just a hint of brightness so that it doesn’t wash one out at all!

Pretty Balm in Campbell– red with a soft berry shift & oh so subtle iridescence (my favorite red pretty balm! It’s such a flattering shade!)

Pretty Balm in Mery– a berry flush with a red undertone-it tends to appear more red with the more layers you apply.

Different lighting of Mery without the sun.

Pretty Balm in Cassie– my favorite everyday, MLBB pink with a hint of mauve that’s completely neutral and the perfect level of depth (not too light and not too dark). It is very hard to find shades like this! 

This is another photo of Cassie in different lighting. This shade reminds me of what my lips used to naturally look like as a child. A wearable, demure  ballerina pink.

Pretty Balm in March– a soft, sheer peach with an orange undertone. 

Different lighting of March Pretty Balm

Pretty Balm in Houston– a medium, deep maroon red. There’s no filter on this photo, it’s just the lighting from when the photo was taken on a foggy, rainy day in February, but it shows the color very accurately in regards to how it appears on my lips!

Pretty Balm in Ballet– a pale pink with a silvery, frosty iridescent sheen. I thought this one would be too light for me, but it surprisingly packs more pigment than I thought it would! It’s a true baby pink.

Pretty Balm in Pheobe: a very wearable purple with violet undertones. 

Pretty Balm in Hallie: a neutral nude, MLLB shade that’s very subdued. Hallie literally looks like my natural lip color if my lips had the pigment they once had!

Pretty Balm in Merlot: a neutral red-wine shade that matches the accompanying blush and eyeshadow shades by the same name! This is a very old Swatch photo from 2016!

Pretty Balm in Paris: the pretty balm version of the eyeshadow in Paris, which is a very pretty rose with mauve and sugared plum undertones with a soft, cool toned sheen. It comes off as a very pretty MLLB shade that’s great for everyday! I keep Paris in my purse at all times.

Shea Butter Lipstick Swatches 

Lipstick in Vintage Kiss: a medium/deep mauve with golden sheen. 

Lipstick in Emily: a very unique shade that can be applied with one swipe, as shown here, for a gorgeous pop of magenta with violet undertones, or can be applied with more layers to build to a deeper berry with purple undertones. 

Lipstick in Sugar & Spice: my favorite Root lipstick! It’s a unique rose shade with a brown undertone and a frosted, cool-toned sheen that makes it a very unique shade. 

Lipstick in Marina: a neutral nude with a hint of a warm rose undertone. Brown based nudes tend to look awful on me, but Marina is very wearable for me and it looks amazing on everyone i’ve seen it on!

I have many more Pretty Balm shades (all purchased by me or given to me as gifts over the years from my family) that I can do a follow up post and/or add to this existing post now that I have a DSLR camera and have fine-tuned my lip swatch photo-taking skills, he he. I think it’s great that Root offers model photos of ALL of their shades (it’s mind boggling to me that every indie brand doesn’t do this, as well! because it’s so important for us to be able to envision what a shade might look like on our particular skin tone when shopping online) on their website

I hope you found this post helpful! Root has been one of my standout brands over the past 3 years since I discovered them. I keep coming back for more and that’s saying a lot, considering all of the competition that exists in the green beauty world now. Please check out my original Root blog posts HERE & HERE. I really, reeeeally need to do an updated foundation routine post showing how I use their Pearl Powder foundation as a full coverage serum foundation. Please let me know what YOU would like to see from me! I have many blog post ideas in my mind as well as many reviews that I’m currently finishing up, but in order to help me prioritize, I’d love to hear from you!

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