Red Apple Lipstick Summer 2018 Collection Lip Swatches!

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Red Apple Lipstick Summer 2018 Re-Launch Collection! Red Apple Lipstick Re-released four lipstick shades that were previously discontinued and all four shades were highly requested for them to bring back! These four lipsticks include the following shades: Summer Sands, Petal Rebel, French Skirt, & Sweet Coraline. All four shades are perfect for these warmer months! Let’s get into swatches and make this post short and sweet! ๐Ÿ’‹โœจ

Arm Swatchesย 

Left to right: Summer Sands, French Skirt, Petal Rebel, Sweet Coraline.

Summer Sands
Summer Sands might just be the perfect nude… I expected to like this color the least because nudes are tough for me since I’m so fair-skinned, but it’s actually one of my favorites! It’s a sheer nude with peach undertones and slight shimmer. Your lip color will show through this one, similar to the effect of lip gloss, and I think that’s what makes this shade particularly wearable. I find that if a nude shade is too opaque, it’s more likely to look unflattering unless the shade works well with one’s skin-tone. Brown nudes look especially bad on me and Summer Sands is neutral enough that I think it would look flattering on just about anyone! It’s super moisturizing since it’s from their Summer Passion formula and it has a berry flavor. Summer Sands is perfect for daily, no-fuss wear as it would look good with anything! If I still had an office job, this would be my go-to shade for sure! This is also the perfect shade for taking my son out and about without having to worry about being too bold during Story Time at the library ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Summer Sands Lip Swatches:

Petal Rebel:
Calling all pink lippie lovers!! Petal Rebel is the perfect medium petal-pink with a frosty sheen. It’s part of the Instant Color formula so it packs quite a bit of pigment with one swipe and stays put for longer than most natural lipsticks. Petal Rebel is neutral, leaning cool-toned and the frosted sheen makes it appear a bit lighter than how the color appears in the tube. I would love to see a version of Petal Rebel that has less sheen and is slightly sheerer (just an idea from a woman who loves and dreams of pinks!). Petal Rebel is definitely a beautiful, girly shade that’s also fun and playful. This is how I imagine a grown up, fairytale pink would look!

Petal Rebel Lip Swatches:

Depending on lighting, Petal Rebel pulls more cool toned, as seen in the below photo taken on a cloudy day.

French Skirt
French Skirt is definitely the unique one in the bunch! It’s a light warm-toned peachy pink with a strong frosted finish that is pretty opaque. I get some definite 1960s Mod vibes with this one! I was told that it’s from the Original formula, but it feels like the Instant Color formula to me. This color is really fun to use as a mixing shade to add sheen to other colors. You can also use a bit on the center of your lip to make your lips look fuller! If you love the whole Festival-Unicorn-makeup scene that’s all over right now, French Skirt is sure to bring out your inner magic!

French Skirt Lip Swatch

Sweet Coraline
Sweet Coraline is a medium red-toned coral with a creamy-satin finish, medium opacity and is super moisturizing. Sweet Coraline is definitely my favorite of the bunch and I wasn’t expecting that at all! It’s such a fun pop of color, but it’s also super wearable because it’s not 100% opaque, so some of my lip color ever so slightly shines through, which makes the color a lot less “loud”. Corals aren’t my go-to shades, but Sweet Coraline is actually more of a red with coral undertones, rather than an out and out coral (which would be more orange). Sweet Coraline is the epitome of a warm summer day full of possibility and sunshine! It’s also completely daytime appropriate to keep in your bag for any and all occasions!

Sweet Coraline Lip Swatches

I love these four shades for summer! For the dreamer, Summer Sands will be your go to. For the girly girl in us all, Petal Rebel will be calling your name. For the modern hippie, French Skirt is your new favorite Lipstick. For the wild heart, Sweet Coraline will bring out your inner fire.

I also really enjoy using Summer Sands over top of the stain left behind by Sweet Coraline after it wears off!

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I hope you found these lip swatches to be helpful and I hope your summer is free spirited and magical in every way!

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