Rejuva Minerals NEW Baked Blushes: Review, Swatches, & Try On!

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The green beauty scene has swept me off my feet over a decade ago, won my heart, and brought me to a magical land of natural, indie cosmetics… This experience has been amazing in many ways, but has not had the allure or glamor of fun themed palettes and pressed pigments found in conventional beauty. But, alas, green beauty has come a VERY long way in the past decade and these NEW baked blushes from Rejuva Minerals are a big testament to a realm of new possibility for natural/eco beauty! Step aside Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, we don’t miss you anymore!

Rejuva Minerals is a new-to-me brand that reached out to me to review these glorious beauties for you in depth: baked blushes in Cranfusion & Berry Blast. I ran into that opportunity with open arms because blush is one of my all time favorite makeup products! Blush adds depth and dimension to our faces, adds a soft, healthy glow to the skin that radiates “wellness” at its very essence. Blush is so much fun to use to play up an outfit, to bring out the mood of the day, to celebrate a time of the year/season, or to give us that added boost of confidence to help us feel our very best, bold, and brightest. Even if you have very fair skin, like I do, don’t be intimidated by blush! For so many years, I avoided blush because of acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation issues, but if there’s one makeup item that can make a world of difference, blush is definitely at the top of the list!

Even though these blushes were sent to me for review, that will never influence how I feel about a product. I’m tough to please after many years of using and wearing natural makeup, so I have high expectations to say the least! I can say, without any hesitation, that I absolutely love these blushes and like I said in my original Instagram post, if I were a minimalist, I could be happy with just these two blushes for daily wear and for any occasion! They are the closest to perfection that I have ever found in the form of a pressed blush and although they are definitely pricey, I personally feel that they are worth it if you think you’ll use them!

Let’s get into the swatches and details of these magnificent specimens!

Each blush is baked in Italy and contains a whopping 9 grams of product! They will literally last an eternity…or at the very least, a decade! They come in two shades, both of which I will be reviewing for you today. Each shade is paraben free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, with “naturally derived ingredients”.

Full ingredient list:

*Mica, Sericite Mica, Silica, Dimethicone, Jojoba Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Lavender Flower, Thyme, Green Tea, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Rosemary, Magnolia Bark, Iron Oxides, *Coated with Titanium Dioxide.

The ingredients look amazing to me, except for Dimethicone, which may bother some purists out there, but I’m personally fine with it in a blush. I love the addition of plant extracts for added nutrients!

Retail price: Introductory Price of $29 as of May 29th, and $39 regularly

Definitely on the higher end of the blush price spectrum, in line with Antonym Cosmetics baked blushes, and 100% Pure Individual blushes (to name a couple).

What I absolutely adore about baked blushes is the swirled, intermingling of various colors that combine to be such a flattering, unique shade like no other! It creates such a natural effect on the skin that is very similar to the famous Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes! These baked blushes by Rejuva Minerals are so finely milled, apply so beautifully to the skin, I literally had to double check that there are NO nano-particles! I just have never experienced such a silky finish that’s truly such a dream to apply! The fine particles blend effortlessly into the skin, becoming one. The result enhances the contours of my face, while adding life to my skin. With both shades, bronzer/contour is optional as these shades add enough definition to my face without needing bronzer for definition. However, bronzer does apply nicely in concert with these blushes if you’re wanting the extra warmth or sun-kissed effect that a bronzer provides.

I have very oily skin and both shades last all day on me, through heat and humidity. The shades are both very pigmented and can be applied subtle-y or built up as bold as you’d like!


Top to bottom: Berry Blast & Cranfusion

***Due to how finely milled these blushes are, the swatches appear a bit lighter on my arm than the blushes actually appear on my face. The swatches are true to life, but the effect on the skin is always different than arm swatches can convey. Continue reading to see these blushes in action!***

Berry Blast:ย 

Berry Blast is a medium berry-pink shade with subtle hints of mauve & magenta with a pale, silvery pearlescent lustre interwoven throughout. This shade is definitely the cooler of the two choices, however, when applied on the skin it blends to more of a neutral tone. I have fair skin with strong warm undertones, so if a blush is too purple or cool-toned, it can appear like a bruise on my cheek or looks ashy. Berry Blast is neutral enough where it does NOT do that to me, due to the addition of pink and bronze tones in the mix. These shades were very well thought out in my opinion!

Me wearing Berry Blast on the cheeks:

Left side is a generous application and the right side is a lighter application. I also dabbed a bit that was leftover on my brush on my nose, chin, and forehead for a cohesive finished look. You can see the hint of glow on my nose.

You can see the subtle sheen from Berry Blast in the above photo. I have HUGE pores (i know, I’m so lucky!) and I don’t feel that the sheen in this blush eccentuates them like some highlighters definitely can. I really like when blush has a mild sheen to add a hint of glow to the skin, which can be very, very flattering and youthful when done right! There is enough of a pearlescent sheen in this blush where I don’t feel the need to add highlighter on top, but I still can and will for fun on certain days!

I had a wicked, wicked breakout after finally having clear skin due to the changing, fluctuating temperatures and constant humidity in the Northeast. I finally got the breakouts somewhat managed, but the scarring left behind is still apparent and I don’t feel that these blushes accentuate or cling to problem areas like many others can. I leave my flaws in so that you can see how these products truly perform, even on my problematic skin!

FOTD with Berry Blast:

Au Naturale C2P Foundation in Biscay with Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation in G3 on top for added coverage in problem areas.

Olga’s Organics Loose Face Powder in Translucent, Lip Tint in Nydia, and eyeshadow in Tia (Check out my Olga’s Organics Brand Spotlight Blog Post)

Red Apple Lipstick Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer

Rejuva Minerals Baked Blush in Berry Blast

(I haven’t been wearing mascara because my eyes are watering so badly from allergies right now)

Necklace: The Kristen necklace from (I’m not an affiliate of Wells, just a fan!)



Cranfusion is a completely matte nude-rose-red with a hint of warm terracotta and pink interwoven throughout. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I adore red toned blushes! Blushes with red undertones are so incredibly flattering because they mimic our natural flush. So, that rush of color we get in our cheeks and face when we’re excited, happy, flustered, or stepping in from the cold is usually red in nature. Cranfusion is that EXACT color, but it’s a nude variation with both cool elements from the berry-red darker tones and the warm elements from the terracotta shades that combine to create a truly beautiful, staple blush color. This color is so, so wearable and doesn’t have a hint of sheen, so if shimmer or glow is not your thing, you will LOVE this matte blush. You can even focus your brush on the terracotta shade to apply under your cheekbones to create more of a contoured look. Cranfusion is a very unique and balanced color that gives an effect similar to 100% Pure’s blush in Naked, where it would go with anything and everything, but Cranfusion is more of a rose-red-nude and Naked is a true nude. This color is buildable, so don’t be intimidated if you’re very fair. It blends beautifully, so no clown cheeks here! Cranfusion is a the perfect shade for daily wear and for no makeup-makeup looks!

Photos below taken in different lighting so you can see any subtle differences.

Cranfusion is matte, so any sheen that you see is from my natural oil production.

FOTD using Cranfusion:

Au Naturale C2P Foundation in Biscay with Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation in G3 on top for added coverage in problem areas.

Olga’s Organics Loose Face Powder in Translucent, Lip Tint in Rylea, and eyeshadow in Uma (Check out my Olga’s Organics Brand Spotlight Blog Post for swatches and lip swatches)

Red Apple Lipstick Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer

W3ll People Mascara in Brown

Rejuva Minerals Baked Blush in Cranfusion

The Clarity Necklace from Wells Cooperative, which is the necklace I designed in collaboration with Wells that gives back to The American Foundation for the Blind (and visually impaired), a cause near and dear to me and my son.

That about wraps it up! As you can tell, I LOVE these blushes and definitely recommend them! Green beauty needs more fun products like this and I’m so glad Rejuva Minerals has given us a taste of what’s to come in the future.ย My favorite brush to apply these is this one by Real Techniques

Thank you so very much for reading and I truly hope you found this review helpful! I’m so curious to check out other products from Rejuva Minerals! You can purchase these blushes at

I hope you have a vibrant day filled with things and people that make you flush with happiness!

Love & Light,


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***Note: This post contains affiliate links. I am only an affiliate for brands that have absolutely won my heart! I strive to support small, indie brands that have integrity as well as amazing products that truly stand out against the rest. Using my links helps to support me if you like the content I share with you. My goal here is to share green products that I truly use and love. I’m not here to convince you to buy anything you aren’t already interested in purchasing. Thank you so very much for your love and support!***

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