February Favorites!

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February Favorites

I’m so excited to share my first monthly favorites in almost 2 years!! These are some of my favorite types of posts to read and YouTube videos to watch because each chosen item is something that stands out from the rest and are items that we find ourselves reaching for again and again. I haven’t felt really passionately about more than one product at a time in 2 years until now! February was the month for me that reconnected me to my love of green beauty and using makeup and skincare as a part of my self-care ritual. This winter has been a wake-up call for me to restart listening to my body’s warning signs and start taking better care of myself. Taking time to honor the skin I’m in with some extra TLC is a big part of that. Taking a little more time to put some makeup on helps me feel put together and more like myself before I had my son. Bits and bits of my former self are starting to resurface as I finally acclimate to stay-at-home mom life.
Each of these products have either been an item I’ve been using for a long time, an item I’ve used for all of February, or an item I simply discovered in the month of February. Every single product has absolutely wowed me like no other and will most likely be yearly favorites down the road. That’s the level of love we’re talking about here!

I also realized that all of these products are particularly pure… I seem to be moving more and more into the “purist” realm after having my son. I was pretty lenient prior to getting pregnant and now I’ve come full circle because I started my green beauty journey as a purist. So this one is for all of my fellow purists out there, as well as anyone else trying to live a more conscious lifestyle, of course!

So let’s get into these beautiful products!

Olga’s Organics Certified Organic Loose Face Powder

I have fallen head over heels in love with this multitasking Certified Organic Loose Face Powder! It was love at first sniff (spiced lavender dreams ๐Ÿ˜) and it was true love after first application. This amazing powder makes my skin look and feel amazing as it minimizes my huge pores, controls oil, sets makeup, and calms any irritation on my skin. It’s literally skincare and makeup in one glorious powder that has beautiful aromatherapy properties. You just can’t find anything like this in the conventional beauty scene and this has reconnected me to the joy I feel when using natural products that I know are truly good for me and my skin. This is hands down the best powder I’ve ever used in my life and I’ve tried dozens upon dozens! I purchased the shade Light, which offers just enough coverage to even out my skin tone on days I’m not applying mineral makeup. It also helps calm blemishes I have by the end of the day. When I wash it off at night, I smell hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, which makes me feel so warm and cozy! I actually look forward to using this product each and every day!!

This loose powder comes in three shades: Translucent, Light, and Medium. I think I may try the Medium shade as a bronzer in the summer!

Photo Credit: Olgasorganics.com

10 grams for $32

Arrowroot Flour*, Cacao Powder*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Bentonite Clay, Ginger*, Lavender Essential Oil*, and a proprietary blend of Non GMO Vitamin(s) and USDA Organic Oils – at least 95% USDA Organic or above. (VEGAN)

*USDA Certified Organic Ingredient.

Olga’s Organics Lip Tint:

This winter has been brutal on my lips and Root’s Pretty Balms just aren’t cutting it, despite their long list of ingredients that looks like it would be an amazing product. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong and there are so many beautiful colors; there’s just room for improvement in the moisture department! I didn’t realize how much it was lacking until I tried Olga’s Organics lip tints and used them exclusively for ONE day and suddenly the dermatitis on my lips was so much better. By the next day, it was back to normal!! This experience just reiterates my belief that products with a long list of impressive looking ingredients aren’t always better than a simple list of ingredients that actually works!

What I like most about these lip tints are that they really feel like a lip balm. They’re the perfect consistency on the lips and feel like buttery goodness that’s not sticky, thin, or oily. The best part is that the formula doesn’t settle into lip lines or accentuate any dryness you may have. The butters in the formula literally fill in all of my lip lines and make my lips look hydrated, supple, and plump! The tint is medium coverage, which is perfect for daily wear. I’ve tried two shades: Sedona is a beautiful, subtle rose red and Rylea is a very, very unique, but wearable golden shade with a hint of caramel and just enough warmth to make it very flattering and perfect for the upcoming warmer months! Each shade smells like peppermint and shea butter. I want to try every single shade! HG status for me! These even rival my beloved Silk Naturals lippies, which haven’t been doing the trick for me like they used to this Winter.

Ingredients: Cocos butyric (Cocoa Butter)*, Butyrospemum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Cocos Oleum (Coconut Oil)*, Cera Candelilla (Candelilla Wax), Micha (Mica),
Essentialis Peppermint Oleum (Peppermint Essential Oil)*.

(VEGAN) 77.3% USDA Organic Ingredients
May contain: Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides.
*USDA Certified Organic Ingredient

B True Beauty App Natural Eyelash Enhancer

Photo Credit: Btruebeauty.com

I received this eyelash conditioning serum in a subscription box, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have tried it since it retails for $59 and that’s a lot of money for something that I’m not sure will work. Luckily, I was able to try this product because I’m happy to report that it does, in fact, seem to be really doing something for my sad, sad lashes! My natural lashes are falling out a lot less, which is adding tons of volume! It seems as if the actual lash hairs are stronger, longer, and voluminous, in general, so I go without mascara most days and when I do apply mascara, it’s so incredibly easy to build volume in one or two coats. I’m sold. The ingredients don’t seem very impressive, mainly because I don’t see anything new-to-me or obscure, like I might expect to find in something with such a high price tag. I love the bamboo, mascara wand style packaging, which makes it super easy to apply and get to the root of each lash. The serum has a faint herbal smell that’s quite pleasant and refreshing. I have very sensitive eyes and this doesn’t bother my eyes at all! I’ll see if these amazing results last over time, but I’m certainly feeling hopeful!

The brand’s site claims that this 10ml tube will last 6 months. I don’t doubt that, as I’ve personally never actually finished a mascara tube before it dried out. But, I do wonder if using something on the eye area for 6 months is okay without any form of preservatives? Most people try to switch their mascara tube every 3 months. Since this is an oil based formula, it probably does have a 6 month shelf life. I think we’re all just understandably cautious about our eye area and bacteria. Would you use the same tube for 6 months?

INGREDIENTS & Benefits (From B True Beauty’s product page)

โ€ข Certified Organic Aragn and Vitamin E Oil accelerate the growth of your lashes

โ€ขCertified Organic Aloe Vera penetrates at the root and stimulates keratin to lengthen, thicken, and fortify your lashes

โ€ข Certified Organic Castor Oil thickens your eyelashes

โ€ข Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is an emollient and strengths the hair shaft

โ€ข Apricot Kernel Oil to condition and hydrate

โ€ข Essential Oils help regenerate new eyelash growth and thicken your eyelashes

Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation & Brija Cosmetics Tulsi Facial Oil

I’ve been love, love, loving combining these two products to make a serum foundation with customizable coverage! It’s no surprise that I’m still loving Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation in G2 and G3, but how I’ve been applying it has become revolutionary to me! I also attribute the healing of my chronic dermatitis on my face to the anti-inflammatory properties of the Brija Tulsi Face Oil. I literally put two drops of this oil into the lid of my foundation jar (always sanitized between each use) I sprinkle a small amount of minerals into the lid, mix with a clean finger or tiny spatula, dot it all over my face, blend it in with a dense brush, use a concealer brush to dab a little more onto problem areas and blemishes, and viola–full, opaque, seamless coverage that looks like natural skin in 2 minutes! Mineral makeup is my favorite type of makeup, but I’ll admit that it can take longer to apply, get coverage, and blend to perfection, but when used as a serum foundation, it literally makes it so much easier and faster!! The end result is soft, glowy skin that looks fresh and healthy. This method saved me when my entire face was a red, patchy, itchy mess with dryness that was like sandpaper. It covers everything and I mean everything!

I’ve tried this method with other foundations in my collection, but it doesn’t have the same effect across the board. It’s worth a try, though!! For now I’ll be sticking with my Pearl Powder Foundation, but I do plan on trying some others to branch out a bit. I have my eye on the Pure Anada pressed and loose foundations!

Pearl Powder Foundation ($18 for 10grams) ingredients:
Titanium Dioxide*, Mica, Zinc Oxide*, Iron Oxides (yellow & brown) *natural spf (the more foundation you apply the more sun protection)

You can find my previous reviews here and here

Brija Tulsi Infused Face Oil

Photo Credit: Brijacosmetics.com

($16 for .5oz) Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil* infused with Holy Basil/Tulsi*, Echinacea*, Lavender*, Lemon Balm*, and Spearmint*, Vitamin E (from Sunflower), Olive Oil. (*Organic)
.5oz blue glass bottle with dropper.
Shelf life – 4-6 months

All of the above herbs seem to work particularly well for healing skin from dermatitis, eczema, acne, scarring, and inflammation, in general. My skin has been 10x better since I started using just 2 drops a day in my foundation (and I don’t even wear foundation every day!). The rash on my face is completely gone now, my blemishes are healing and the hyperpigmentation is slowly fading. The key for me is that the swelling is down and my skin is much, much happier, which makes me much more optimistic, overall!

Taken from Brija’s site under ingredient benefits:
Holy/Basil Tulsi: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, fights blackheads. Works especially well for acne and eczema.

Lavender: Antibacterial, reduces acne, slows aging with powerful antioxidants, improves eczema and psoriasis.

Echinacea: Anti-inflammatory, promotes cell regeneration, diminishes wrinkles.

Spearmint: Antioxidant, treats bacterial and fungal infections, great for acne and dermatitis.

Lemon balm: Antioxidant, Antibacterial

In concert with the Brija Tulsi Oil, I’ve been using my much raved about former favorite that has become a current, possibly ALL time favorite: the beloved Andalou Naturals Turmeric C Enlightened Serum, which I already reviewed extensively here. I’m positive without a doubt that this incredibly affordable serum helps calm my acne and fade acne scarring and hyperpigmentation like no other product I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried super expensive products in the past that just never did much for me, even after my skin was clear for quite a long time. I use this serum twice per day and use it as my daytime moisturizer during the day because I have very oily skin. With this serum and two drops of the Brija Tulsi Oil in my foundation, I’m set with moisture. I apply this serum at night underneath my night time moisturizer (I’ll be doing an updated skincare post soon!). I like to purchase this serum here because it’s the best price I’ve found and is super convenient.

Red Apple Lipstick in Rosemancing (Use code Clarity15 to save 15% off your order of $50!) is the perfect medium toned dusty rose with plum undertones. It’s that Kylie Jenner nude-mauve color that has been super popular because it looks good on so many skintones. It’s not too pale or too bold; its right in the middle! The formula of RAL’s newest releases this past Fall and Winter are really pigmented and have a cream finish-no shimmer in this one. One swipe is full opacity and the color fades evenly throughout the day. This formula doesn’t feather at all on me and stays put for the most part for about 4 hours. It’s moisturizing without being drying at all and I don’t feel the need to put a lip balm underneath. Red Apple Lipstick has been my favorite Lipstick brand since I made my first purchase almost 5 years ago!

100 Percent Pure’s Pretty Naked II PaletteFruit Pigmentedยฎ Pretty Naked II Palette

Photo Credit: 100percentpure.com

I know I’m late to the party on this one but I’m so glad I finally picked up this beautiful palette with a gift card I’ve been sitting on for years and a coupon code that was automatically sent to me via email because it had been so long since I placed an order.

This palette contains 5 pressed pigments derived from Fruit, Veggies, and Tea in a vegan base with some mica for added coloring. I’m very excited to report that 100 Percent Pure, as a whole, has come an incredibly long way with their pressed formula! I first tried 100 Percent Pure makeup about 9 years ago and their foundation lacked coverage/blendability and it also oxidized on me. Their pressed products were a powdery mess with so much kickup it was insane. They also lacked staying power and pigment. I now have all 3 Pretty Naked Palettes and even the Pretty Naked palette by itself has had a multitude of formula changes over the years. Each Naked palette gets better and better in terms of formula with the Naked 2 and the Better Naked being the best. I’ll be doing a full review of the Better Naked palette with swatches. Please let me know if you’d like a full review of this Naked II palette, as well!

What I particularly like about the Pretty Naked II palette is that the blush color in Afterglow looks like my natural flush because it has red, neutral leaning warm undertones with a hint of subtle bronze that does a great job at subtley contouring my cheekbones. The illuminator in Illume is a gorgeous pearl-toned shade that is very, very, very subtle. Illume provides a hint of sheen and a lit from within glow that mimics natural skin radiance. No one will look at you and think you piled the highlight on, I assure you! What I love is that even in direct sunlight, there’s no overt shimmer so this is the most natural looking highlight option. If you’re intimidated by the whole highlighting craze, this is the perfect option for you!

I find this palette to be a one stop shop for me when I want to do a simple no makeup-makeup look or when I want a full on glam look. I even love using this palette on days when I just use my Olga Organics loose face powder to even out my skintone a bit and I use the blush, the highlight shade on my eyes and on my face for a hint of glow, and that gorgeous, gorgeous first shade in the eyeshadow section called BEAM (which really, really reminds me of Brija’s discontinued eyeshadow in Allure from her first Glam 2 GO collection). Beam is the perfect one and done eyeshadow shade for me, as it has the perfect amount of depth of color to give dimension and color to my lids without screaming EYESHADOW and MAKEUP, lol. We don’t always want the first thing that people notice when they see us to be the makeup on our face. Sometimes we just want to be naturally enhanced a bit. More and more lately I’ve been loving subtle, no makeup -makeup looks. I’ve never felt comfortable wearing blush or highlighter on my bare or nearly bare skin. I always thought I needed foundation as a base, otherwise some brighter blush shades just look very strange on my bare skin. This blush shade just looks like my skin….but better! I’ve literally reached for this palette every single day and I think I’ll actually use the whole thing up, which is saying A LOT because I can’t remember the last blush or eyeshadow shade I’ve ever used up fully before it expired. The two darker shades of eyeshadow I feel could have offered a bit more of a difference between the two shades. My palette arrived with the third shade damaged during shipment, but since I doubt I’d ever use it up, anyway, I never said anything to customer service about it.

I also feel so good about putting these ingredients on my face everyday because they’re loaded with naturally derived antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that are so healthy for the skin. I never felt good about putting conventional makeup on my skin and some mineral makeup that isn’t necessarily harmful for the skin can be fun, but I also know it’s not actually doing anything “extra” for my skin, which is okay most of the time, it’s just that I’ve felt really connected to the idea of nurturing my skin every way possible through the foods I eat, the skincare I apply, and now the makeup I reach for on a daily basis. It just feels really uplifting to feel so connected and revitalized in this way.

$47 for 1 illuminator/Eyeshadow, Blush, and 3 eyeshadows


Milk and Honey Handmade Soap in HONEYOATS

Milk and Honey is a small business based in Canada owned by a lovely Girl Boss named Jennifer who was kind enough to send me her most popular soap called HONEYOATS for my honest review. HONEYOATS is a beautiful, cold poured handmade soap full of nourishing butters and oils (PALM OIL FREE) with added honey, turmeric, and oats for deep conditioning and exfoliation for super dry, flaky skin. If you’ve been following me during this Winter, you’ve heard me complain about this horrible rash I’ve had on my hands, face, neck, and arms. I don’t know what’s causing it, but the rash is always sort of lying dormant and I had no idea how much the Trader Joes soap I was using was doing absolutely nothing to help it. After using this soap for just one weekend, my skin was so soft, I couldn’t stop touching my arms throughout the day, lol! The small bumps on my arms from keratosis pilaris are less noticeable from the exfoliation and natural anti-bacterial properties in the honey and coconut oil. I just had no idea how much of a difference high quality, minimally processed soap with no fillers can make on the skin! My favorite part is that this soap is not only incredibly nourishing to my skin, but it also leaves me feeling nice and clean, which is always very much appreciated in my book! Some natural soaps I’ve tried just don’t quite get the job done quite the way I’d like. I know there was or is a school of thought going around about not using soap in an effort to be “soap free”, but that’s definitely not for me! I like my soap, thank you very much! And I love that purchasing this soap gives back to a small business owned by a mom who genuinely cares about each and every product that she makes. Every ingredient is carefully selected and formulated with a specific purpose in mind. You can find more Milk and Honey products on IG @milkandhoneysoapery or on Etsy www.etsy.com/ca/shop/milkhoneysoapery (Use code JULIE25 to save 25% on the first 15 orders –this is not an affilate link–this is just for you!). Milk and Honey has also created a gluten-free HONEYOATS option that will be available at the end of March! This 4oz bar will last a single person quite a few weeks, if not a month and about 2-3 weeks with two people using it. Jennifer also has vegan soap options that do not include honey.

ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Turmeric Powder, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Pasteurized Honey, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Oatmeal

Organic India Tulsi Tea in Rose

Last, but not least, I was recommended Tulsi Tea by Organic India from @nutritionistjessicarose on IG (follow her for wonderful posts on nutrition and wellness!). I ordered the Rose flavor and this is the most amazing Rose flavored tea I’ve ever tried! Tulsi is an adaptogen that helps the body handle stress, which in turn helps balance the body’s energy reserves by keeping cortisol levels in check. Tulsi is also reported to balance metabolism, increase mood, AND in the Rose blend, Lemon Myrtle is included, which is said to help relieve headaches and cramps. I’ve had 5 teabags on separate days so far and each time I’ve had a migraine that completely dissipated by the time I was done with each cup. I have to research Lemon Myrtle in more detail to find out how this is possible, as I recently found out Lemon Myrtle has these pain relieving properties for headaches and cramps, in particular. I am so excited to find out more! Organic India has several Tulsi options that each have different herbs and spices added, or they have a plain and loose leaf option, as well. For a little bit of Spring and stress-relief in a teacup, look no further! I buy my favorite teas in bulk on Amazon

FOTD Featuring my Favorites!

(Please excuse the pile of books on my shelf behind me!)

  • Pearl Powder foundation in G2 applied as a serum foundation with 2 drops of the Brija Tulsi Oil
  • Olga’s Organics Loose Powder in Light
  • Olga’s Organics Lip Tint in Sedona
  • 100 Percent Pure Pretty Naked II Palette using the blush in Afterglow, highlight in Illume and as an eyeshadow all over the lid and inner corners, Beam eyeshadow in outer corner and center of lid

See how the Afterglow blush contours my cheekbones? This palette is perfect for travel or for someone who just wants a single palette to serve a multitude of purposes. I had to really apply the highlight in Illume very liberally to get it to show up like that around my nose. Even then, its still very soft and wearable.

FOTD using the same products as above with a different lip using Red Apple Lipstick’s Rosemancing. (use code CLARITY15 to save 15% on your order!).

My skin literally looks like skin using this method of application and it covers like a dream!! It’s amazing what different lighting does to skintone. In my first FOTD photo, It was a sunny day and in my second photo, it was overcast. I never use a filter or touch up my photos so that you can see my pores and flaws as they appear in real life. I want to show my flaws so that everyone can see that no one is perfect and THAT’S OKAY!! Our imperfections are what make us unique. Embrace them and love the skin you’re in!!

Phew, this was a very long post! This is probably 10 blog posts in one! If you made it this far, THANK YOU so much for your support! I hope you found these reviews helpful. I only share what I feel truly passionate about and I never give false information or experiences that didn’t happen. This blog is meant to make your life a more positive realm to exist in by introducing you to wonderful products that have changed my life for the better.

What have you been loving lately?? I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “February Favorites!

  1. Hi Julie! So glad you are rediscovering your old self again – I know full well how you can lose yourself and forget about yourself and your own needs – all because you are too wrapped up in this new identity of being a mom. Taking care of this new life you created can be overwhelming and joyful in equal measures. Now, let’s talk about make up, shall we? You just inspired to pick up my own Pretty Naked II, which was just kind of sitting in my stash, forgotten and unloved.. I did a look (even if I have nowhere to go) and I really liked it! Pretty temped by the new version too, but I doubt if it’s wise spending my money on nearly the same thing, knowing full well I will rarely use it – just like yourself, I rarely wear make up. That, and I just acquired two new Bellapierre palettes in TKMaxx (that would be TJMaxx where you live) -those are not nearly as natural as 100%Pure, but they were only 9.99โ‚ฌ each, so I went for them. I mean you don’t come across a mineral make up palette for the price of a lunch, do you? So, I am kind of set for life ๐Ÿ™‚ With spring and nicer weather looming, I hope I will re-discover my love for natural make up too. So sorry to hear about your dermatitis! Is it a new thing for you? If you want some products recs, DM me on IG?
    And I am off to read your Andalou Naturals Turmeric + Vitamin C serum review – I recently spotted this brand in my local health shop, but knowing full well their reformulations for the worse a while ago, I need to peruse ingredients first xo Take care!

    1. Thank you you so, so much for your wonderful comment and thoughts, Renata!! I’m so sorry for my delayed response. This is really the winter that just won’t end and my soul is feeling the weight of it. It’s funny that as I’m feeling so down, I also feel so connected to green living and green beauty. I’ve found so much comfort and joy in these products that I shared. I hope they can do the same for others. I’m glad I inspired you to reach for your Naked II palette! My Naked I is currently sitting unloved ๐Ÿ˜‚ and I think it’s close to expiring at this point. With my skin being so finicky, I think it’s actually eczema rather than dermatitis that I’m experiencing. It’s brutal and unrelenting, so I’m wondering if it’s internal. I’ll have to do an elimination diet to try to figure it out. I learned a lot from reading your blog post on how you cured your dermatitis!! I hope you enjoy those new makeup palettes you picked up!! I think with Spring (when it actually starts to feel like Spring) you’ll feel that joy you once felt with using your makeup goodies! I’ll be thinking of you! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒˆโœจ

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