Natural Dupe for Tarte’s Discontinued Blush in Flush

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I’m so excited to share this 100% natural, dye free dupe for Tarte’s original (now discontinued) blush in the shade Flush. Tarte still has a blush in their current line called Flush, however, it’s a completely different color than the original version of their blush in Flush, which is pictured in these photos. Why would a brand release a completely different shade with the same name and never even elude to it?! I know a lot of people who love Tarte’s blushes were disappointed about this because the original Flush was such a unique shade of bright Berry with pink undertones that is surprisingly wearable for such an array of skin tones! I’ve never come across anything quite like it until I received Root’s Pretty Club for the month of January, which included their newest shade of blush called January.

When I first saw it in the jar I thought it was a beautiful color, but it didn’t remind me of Tarte’s Flush until I applied the blush on my cheeks! As soon as I started blending out the shade, memories of Tarte’s bold, fuchsia-berry Flush were front and center in my mind. I quickly went to my neglected, but formerly well loved side of my makeup stash and found Tarte’s Flush blush to do swatch comparisons with Root’s loose blush in January.


From left to right: Tarte’s Flush, Root’s January

When you see the swatches of these two colors, at first glance, they look different because Tarte’s Flush is matte whereas Root’s January has a sheen, which makes the color look like it’s more different than it actually is. When applied to the cheeks, both blushes look nearly identical. Tarte’s Flush may look slightly brighter because it’s colored with artificial dyes, which give it an almost neon tone in swatches.

In the first swatch photo, I angled my arm so that the light doesn’t catch the sheen in Root’s January blush so that you can really see how close these two shades are. In the second photo, the swatches are done under studio lights during the day so you can see both colors straight on.

In the photo below, I’m wearing Root’s blush in January so you can see what the shade looks like on my fair, warm skin tone. The description of the shade and the color might look intimidating, but when applied, it’s a beautiful wash of bright berry that has a watercolor type of effect.

Root’s blush in January (pictured below) gives me a subtle sheen. The glow you’re seeing in this photo is from Root’s Sarah Illuminator!

Everyone has their own interpretation of what warrants a dupe. My interpretation is that any shade that has the overall effect and is in nearly the same exact color family is a dupe. In my humble opinion, Root’s January Blush will give you what you’re looking for if you loved Tarte’s original Flush blush or if you like berry/pink tones, in general!

Root’s blush is a loose mineral blush, so it virtually has no expiration date and this jar will last forever! All of Root’s blushes are completely dye free, gluten free, and vegan, too!

Right now, January IS available for individual purchase even though it’s originally from their monthly Pretty Club Subscription box. Pretty Club members get first dibs on new products that Root releases and they gradually are releasing each shade for their permanent line.

If you’re curious about Root’s Pretty Club, you can find more info here. It’s currently my favorite makeup only subscription box and I’ll be dedicating a separate blog post to feature next month’s colors and talk more about what I’ve loved about previous months’ products.

Let me know if you were a fan of Tarte’s blush in Flush or if you’d like me to do more posts on dupes I can find for other Tarte blushes. Before my pregnancy, I used more Cruelty-Free makeup that wasn’t necessarily natural, so I have quite a few of Tarte’s blushes that I can try to find dupes for. Blush is one of my favorite makeup items, so I always love sharing about different colors and brands!

Hope you found this helpful. Have a beautiful day!

Love and light,


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