Brija Cosmetics Gilmore Girls Matte Eyeshadow Collection Review!

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Today I’m very excited to be reviewing the COMPLETE Gilmore Girls Matte Eyeshadow collection by one of my favorite natural beauty Indie Brands, Brija Cosmetics! I literally waited for months for this collection to be released once Brianna, the owner of Brija Cosmetics, announced that she planned to work on a Gilmore Girls inspired collection.

One of my absolute favorite aspects of supporting and buying from Indie Brands is the creative thought process that goes into making these one-of-a-kind collections that relate to the owner’s nostalgia and similarly speaks to the customer, as well. Gilmore Girls is hands down one of my all time favorite shows, as I literally grew up with Rory when the show first aired in the year 2000. Gilmore Girls is one of the most creative, witty, intelligent, unique and funny shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and re-watching more times than I care to admit! Of course, now that it’s official that Netflix will be releasing the Gilmore Girls Revival, I’m waiting with bated breathe for that series to come out!

The Gilmore Girls Collection comprises 17 Matte eyeshadows and one clear lipbalm in a delicious coffee flavor that Brianna created by infusing organic coffee into the oils she used for the lip balm! The lip balm is named Luke’s after Luke’s Diner in the show and you can see it pictured in the above photo. It’s incredibly moisturizing and even if you’re not a coffee fan like Lorelei and Rory, you’ll still love the subtly sweet aroma of fresh coffee wafting from the lip balm tube! The smell doesn’t linger on your lips if you’re not a fan at all, but would still like to try the formula.

Brija Cosmetics has themed artwork for each individual collection, so it’s easy for you to find each collection in your makeup stash. All of the shades are completely free of Dyes and are Vegan!

The names of each eyeshadow is clearly labeled on each lid, as shown here:


One of the greatest things about loose mineral products is that there is no “use by” date or expiration date, since these shadows are made up of mineral pigments without any fillers, so they don’t go bad! I’ve had some eyeshadows and loose blushes for almost a decade! So, even if you’re new to using loose mineral products, not having an expiration date is a HUGE plus!

I store my eyeshadows in my Alex 9 drawers from Ikea and I use individual storage cases within each drawer to organize all of my makeup so I know where everything is and I don’t forget I own anything.

This is how I store my Gilmore Girls collection:

I like to put each shadow sideways so that I can see each color more clearly and I like to keep big collections like this together, so I know exactly where they all are. There are three additional Brija shades in this little storage case that I frequently use with this collection, so that’s why you see three extra jars all the way to the left!


I’m going to show up-close photos of the colors in the jar, lid, as well as swatches. I’m going to start with the lightest colors, move on to crease colors, bright colors, and end with the darkest shades.

There is incredible variety in this collection and the matte formula is my absolute FAVORITE matte formula I’ve ever tried. Each shade blends effortlessly, smoothly, and isn’t patchy at all. You can create a myriad of complete eye looks with this collection alone or you can add one or more matte shades to a shimmery lid shade. Your options are endless!

Left to Right:

A Film By Kirk, Hit By A Deer, Punctuality, Vicious Trollop

A Film By Kirk: (Kirk’s Color) A sheer, white shade that is great for using all over the lid to set your eye primer. This is also a great brow-bone shade and inner corner highlight. This shade also works well to tone down the brighter and/or darker shades in the collection.

Hit By A Deer: (Rory’s Color) A light pink that is great as an all over lid shade or light transition shade.

Punctuality: (Taylor’s Color) A light cool-toned brown/beige shade that also works really well as a one color lid wash, as it adds slight dimension to your eyes. This shade is also a perfect transition shade. You can also use this shade to mix in with the brighter shades to tone them down a little bit.

Vicious Trollop: (Emily’s Color) This is a beautiful light-medium mauve with lilac and soft magenta undertones. This is a beautiful light crease color! This is also the perfect “in between” color if straight up bright shades are a bit intimidating for you because this color is very soft. This is a BEAUTIFUL Spring color!!

**A great daytime look to get you in the mood for Spring is to use A Film By Kirk all over the lid, Hit By a Dear on your lower lid, and Vicious Trollop in the crease. Soft, floral perfection.



Next up we have the medium toned shades that work really well as crease colors!

From Left to Right:

The Lazy Runs Deep, Live For a Minute, Man of Leisure, Am I Laughing or Crying?

The Lazy Runs Deep: (Paris’ Color) This is such a beautiful medium lavender/purple shade that is one shade darker than Vicious Trollop and is the perfect crease shade for any cool-toned look. Plus, I LOVE the name!

Live For a Minute: (Logan’s Color) This is such a great color to represent Logan’s character. A lot of people don’t like him because he has a lot of growing up to do and can really be quite an ass at times. However, I like Logan, overall, because he’s one of the few men in Rory’s life who can keep up with her wit and intelligence. Now onto the actual color! This is a true medium gray shade with slight blue undertones. This is the only gray shade I’ve ever actually liked and continue to reach for. This color goes so well with Rory’s Hit By a Deer light pink shade, as well as any other cool-toned look.

Man of Leisure: (Richard’s Color) This is the perfect true taupe, medium brown shade that is the ideal crease color for any look, whether warm or cool. I also use this shade to fill in my brows and it’s perfect for that, as well!

Am I Laughing or Crying?: (Suki’s Color) This is a medium coral shade that is a lovely crease shade for warm-toned looks. This is also a great way to add a slight pop of color without it being too bright. This will also be a beautiful Fall shade because it does also have a “burnt orange” effect. This shade also pairs very well with purple shades!


Next up we have the BRIGHT shades in the collection!

From Left to Right:

Truly Important, Produce Guy, and Know it Don’t Blow it

Truly Important: (Miss Patty’s Color) This shade is sort of the big sister to Am I Laughing Or Crying because it’s in the same color family and they pair very well together, but Truly Important is deeper and more of a bright, burnt orange-red shade. This is a great outer v color for warm-toned looks and can also be used as a crease color or liner color.

Produce Guy (Jackson’s Color) This is a beautiful soft, yet bright peacock blue shade. You can apply this dry for a more wispy look and still get that Tiffany Blue look that blends beautifully or you can apply it wet or in layers to build it up to full-on turquoise blue opacity. You can use this shade on your lower lashline for a subtle addition of a brighter shade.

Know it Don’t Blow it: (Lane’s Shade) Let me just start by saying, if you’re a fan of the color purple, you absolutely NEED this shade in your life!!! Purple is one of my favorite colors and I am so in love with this shade, I can just stare at it for hours. If I could paint my house this color, I would (And who knows, maybe one day I will!). At first I was afraid this might be too bright for everyday wear until I actually used it. This is such a beautiful Violet purple, but it has the same wispy quality that Produce Guy has, which makes this bright color very versatile. You can apply it sheerly as a beautiful, violet crease color or all over the lid color. Or, you can apply more layers, use a denser brush, or apply it with a wet brush to get full on BRIGHT violet purple.

The fact that Brianna was able to create these amazing colors without dyes just goes to show that it’s possible to have these gorgeous, bright shades without harsh, toxic ingredients!


Notice how Know it Don’t Blow it matches my purple sweater??


Deeper shades perfect for using in the outer V to deepen a look or to use as liners!

From Left to Right:

Grumpy Concierge, In My Pocket, You Only Have To Do It Once

Grumpy Concierge: (Michel’s Color) This is a deep gray with a brown undertone. This is a nice gray liner shade or can be used in the outer V to deepen a look.

In My Pocket: (Luke’s Color) This is a deep, navy blue shade that also makes a great liner shade or outer V shade!

You Only Have To Do It Once: (Mrs. Kim’s Color) This is a deep, plum shade that is my favorite liner shade from the collection!


***Note***I could not, for the life of me, get some of these deeper shades to swatch well and I’m so sorry I can’t do these colors justice! Even though these are not the greatest swatches, they still show the overall color well and I promise that these apply fully pigmented and are not patchy at all when applied. I think the difference here is that I use an eye primer on my eye lids when I apply any eyeshadow, but I wanted to swatch these shades on bare skin because everyone uses a different eye primer, so I wanted the colors to appear as true as possible.


The final deep, brown-ish shades in the collection that are great liner or outer V shades!

From Left to Right:

It All Comes Out in Moron, First Kiss, Notes in the Margins

It All Comes Out in Moron: (Lorelei’s Color) This is a beautiful aubergine color that is a mix of maroon, brown, and hints of plum. This is a great outer V shade or liner shade when applied wet.

First Kiss: (Dean’s Color) This is a warm-toned deep rusty-brown shade with hints of red. This is also a great outer V or liner shade!

Notes in the Margins: (Jess’ Color) This is a true, deep brown shade that is neutral in undertone and is a perfect brown liner shade that can be applied wet or dry. You can also use this neutral brown shade as an outer V shade for either warm-toned or cool-toned looks!


Here are all of the eyeshadows with their lids on showing the themed artwork, as well as the name of each shade. I put them in the same order that I showed each color and went from lightest to brightest to deepest shades in the collection!


Overall, Brianna really outdid herself with this collection! The formula is simply amazing and I’ve literally reached for at least one of these shades every single day since my order arrived. At first, I was honestly disappointed that this collection was an all-eyeshadow based collection because I really love lip colors and blushes the most. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of the show, combined with the quality of the formula, but once I started playing with each color and creating look after look, I’m not disappointed anymore. I LOVE this collection and I’m so glad I got the whole collection. Of course there are certain shades I use more than others, but I’ve managed to use each and every one of these shades and there isn’t a single color that I dislike.

If you’re a Gilmore Girls Fan, you definitely NEED at least one of these shades. Even if you’re not a Gilmore Girls Fan or you’ve never even heard of the show, this is still a great collection that you’ll reach for time and time again.

For more details on the inspiration for each individual color, you can read Brianna’s descriptions on her website:

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to answer anything I can!

I hope you found this review helpful and thank you so much for reading 🙂

I hope you have a beautiful day!



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