Full Coverage Mineral Makeup Routine Using Root Cosmetics

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Today I’d like to do a full review on Root Cosmetic’s Pearl Powder Foundation, showing you different ways to apply the foundation to provide different levels of coverage, depending on your skin’s particular needs. I’ve literally tried dozens upon dozens of different mineral makeup brands over the past 10 years since I switched over to using only natural and cruelty-free cosmetics. My skin is very, very fair, acne-prone, has a lot of hyperpigmentation (redness/blotchiness), post-acne scarring, and I have oily skin with enlarged pores. I know, lovely right??

I need a foundation to do A LOT for me. I’m not one of those “oh, you look so much better without foundation” kind of women or “oh, I can’t even tell you’re wearing any makeup!” kind of women…  I don’t mean I cake it on and walk around with cake-face all day, every day, but I just mean that there’s a drastic difference in my before foundation and after foundation skin. I’m not someone who can slap on a tinted moisturizer or a “light dusting” of mineral foundation and walk out the door feeling confident. At the same time, I’m also a perfectionist, so it bothers me having imperfections peeking through my foundation.

However, I’d just like to say I truly do look up to women who have enough confidence to walk around bare-faced regardless of the state of their skin because those women are strong, fearless, and don’t care what other people think. I can only hope to emulate those characteristics some day! So, I’m not trying to change anyone with this post and I’m certainly not looking down on anyone who chooses not to wear foundation. I’m just trying to help women who feel that the only way to cover acne, blemishes, rashes, hyperpigmentation, and scarring is to pile on layer after layer of chemical-laden liquid foundation, concealer, and color correctors, etc.

I’ve watched LOTS of YouTube videos in my day, I’m almost embarrassed to admit. Especially when my skin has gone through its worst periods, I’ve watched tons of videos on how to cover acne/acne scarring and I’m appalled to find that most women end up using so much foundation that not only contains harmful ingredients, but it’s also suffocating their skin, which in turn exacerbates whatever skin concerns they’re trying to cover in the first place.

I’m also very shocked to find how FEW videos there are on using mineral foundation to cover acne-prone skin and other skin concerns. I think this is mainly due to the fact that many mineral foundations on the market only offer light-medium coverage, coupled with the fact that many women don’t know the best way to apply mineral makeup for optimal coverage.

For years, I thought the only way to cover active blemishes and dark acne-scarring was to use a natural, creamy concealer in targeted areas so that the powder foundation has something to “cling” to. Also, using the correct type of brush is a MUST when applying mineral foundation. If you’re seeking full coverage, no matter how good the foundation is, if you’re using a big, fluffy powder brush, you’ll only get light coverage. The key is using a DENSE flat top buffer brush that will pick up the mineral powder without eating up the powder and it will blend onto your skin providing the highest level of coverage. I used to use a dense flat top kabuki brush over the creamy concealer and this would give me straight up maximum coverage. Texture can never be concealed, but discoloration can. The problem was that creamy-based concealers, whether conventional or natural, will break me out like nothing else. Coconut oil and argan oil are my facial skin’s worst enemies when it comes to natural ingredients, as much as it pains me to say so. Caprylic Triglycerides is a refined form of coconut oil that comes in liquid form and is literally in virtually every single natural liquid/serum product and my skin reacts better to this version of coconut oil rather than the straight up unrefined “coconut oil” found in concealers or creamier, solid products.

All of this is leading me to explain that the reason Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation has exceeded all other mineral foundations I’ve tried is because their foundation can be built up to full/maximum coverage WITHOUT using a concealer underneath. No concealer at all. 

**All of the reviews I’ve read on Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation have described the foundation as offering “light to medium” coverage. Most of the women have pretty good skin to begin with and the women that have some skin concerns are showing that the foundation does very little to conceal. This is why I made sure I dedicated enough time to write this post to show that Root’s mineral foundation is indeed buildable, but, it can in fact offer full to maximum coverage if applied correctly.**

In this review, I’ll show you photos of me using Root’s foundation three different ways:

  1. Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation mixed into Root’s Pretty Booster primer.
  2. Root’s foundation applied dry with their Flat Top Kabuki Brush in two layers.
  3. Root’s foundation applied with a damp Pretty Blender.

This is another reason why I am so in love with this foundation—the versatility! These three options listed above aren’t the only ways that you can apply this foundation. You can also mix in your favorite facial oil (mine is Maracuja Oil or Passionfruit-seed oil) to create your custom blended serum foundation. You can also mix in a couple of drops of water into the loose mineral powder and create more of a liquid consistency and apply it with your fingers, brush, or damp Pretty Blender (Root’s dupe for the Beauty Blender).

Foundation Mixed With the Pretty Booster

These completely unfiltered shots were taken today, on a regular Sunday where I’m rockin’ a messy top-knot doing chores around the house. I took all of these photos in front of a window to capture natural lighting with no flash on my camera.

This is my skin without any makeup. Right now my skin is doing a lot better because I’ve been very diligent with my skincare regimen, which I did a full blog post on My Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone/Oily Skin here. I’ve also had the pleasure of being sent Andalou Naturals’ new Beauty to Go line of skincare masks, so I’ve been giving my skin lots of TLC lately as I tested these products for my upcoming review. Secondly, my skin is doing much better because the Root Pearl Powder Foundation without using any concealer, allows my skin to breathe throughout the day, doesn’t irritate my skin AT ALL and actually seems to help soothe my skin, as well. This foundation has ZERO fillers or potentially irritating ingredients and only has four ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide

This foundation retails for $18.00 and can be found at rootpretty.com (Coupon Code FIRSTPRETTY saves you 10% off your first order)

***Please keep in mind that not all mineral foundations (even those with the same listed ingredients) are created equally. The quality of the ingredients varies tremendously because how the ingredients are sourced makes a huge difference. I’ve tried mineral foundations that literally made me feel like I couldn’t breathe and I had to wash it off instantly. I’ve also had mineral foundations that make my face itch (even foundations without the dreaded Bismuth Oxychloride) all over until I just want to claw my skin off. And the amazing thing is that the ingredients list will look identical! That’s why it took me so long to try Root’s foundation. I saw their listed ingredients and thought “this can’t be anything special or different” and kept their site on the back burner. Thankfully, I finally gave their products a try and I am so incredibly glad I did!***

The below picture shows the right side of my face without makeup in front of a window (it was an overcast day today, but it shows enough!).


This photo shows the left side of my face without makeup, which experienced a horrific rash about a month ago (the rash was caused from a skincare experiment gone very, very wrong).

At the end of this post, I’ll show you before and after photos when I had the rash in full force, which is pretty horrifying!


The below photo shows how I mix two pumps of Root’s Pretty Booster with a few shakes of Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation. This is before I blend the two with my fingers and then apply it to my face as I would apply a liquid foundation.

Root’s Pretty Booster offers very, very light coverage on it’s own. I don’t see much of a difference in my skin after I apply it by itself, but I love the ingredients that it has and the matte-velvet consistency it gives my skin when it dries down.

This combination proves FULL coverage, depending on how much of the loose mineral foundation you apply. It dries quickly, so you have to kind of work fast, but it’s pretty fool proof because even after it starts drying, you can easily blend it into your skin until it’s completely even. You can blend by using your fingers (as I did today), using your flat top kabuki brush, or by using a damp Pretty Blender).



EVERYTHING is evened out, the hyperpigmentation and post-acne scarring is hidden incredibly well and the finish looks like skin–not makeup.

After applying the Pearl Powder Foundation mixed into the Pretty Booster, I like to apply a very light layer of the loose foundation by itself to make sure everything is evened out. This is when I use the foundation with a concealer brush to apply under my eyes (covers all the dark veining). I added Root’s Silk Finishing dust to set everything, which only has two ingredients: Mica & Aloe Powder.


The below side-by-side photos show my skin at its worst a month ago when I woke up with a really bad case of dermatitis with red, swollen, itchy, inflamed skin with deep-cystic acne. I applied two coats of Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation using only a flat top kabuki brush and it literally concealed everything. It looks uneven because my skin was one giant rash, so the texture of my skin was awful and no makeup can conceal texture. Also, this photo is doing the same strange thing with adding blotchi-ness to the after photo that doesn’t exist when I look at the image on my computer before uploading onto this blog.

Either way, these pictures say it all: Mineral Makeup can cover amazingly well!

This series of photos shows before foundation, after foundation, and then after foundation/bronzer/and blush.


I did a whole blog post dedicated to reviewing the first Root products I purchased and I explain in detail how I apply their foundation with their damp Pretty Blender. I had a severe breakout during that post, as well, but I was afraid to show a “before” photo because I was too nervous to post it for the whole world to see. This is the full blog post here Root Cosmetics RAVE Review & FOTD!

This is the final picture that shows my skin using the damp Pretty Blender to apply:

This photo was taken under Studio Lights. You can read all the details of this look as well as some other Root products in the link above!


Lastly, I mentioned three of Four of Root’s products, including three of their PRESSED products in my last blog post February Favorites!

This post is proof that you don’t need makeup with a list of dozens of foreign, un-pronounceable ingredients to get incredibly good coverage! This post shows my skin at all different levels: severe, bad, and ehhhhh not so good. The world is so incredibly hard on people, women in particular, about looking perfect. We’re judged so harshly every single day that it’s just exhausting. I’m not suggesting that anyone uses makeup as a crutch or as a way to give in to the masses trying to live up to an ideal that is simply impossible. I am however offering guidance and support to women and people out there who would like a little boost in confidence. And—let’s get real—makeup is FUN! Makeup is a way to express your creativity and your unique style. Applying makeup is also my “zen” time, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s my time to get ready in the morning, say my affirmations, dedicate time to myself while thinking about my goals for the day. Makeup isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally fine! But for those of us who happen to love makeup, there’s no need to be ashamed of it! We just need to love each other and stop judging one another!

I sincerely hope you’ve found this post helpful. I decided to put my bare face out there because I am simply done over-thinking…..everything! Life is too short. If this post can help one person feel more comfortable in his/her own skin without using chemical-laden makeup, then this post was a success, in my eyes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below. I love to hear from you!

rootpretty.com (Coupon Code FIRSTPRETTY saves you 10% off your first order)
Have a beautiful day—with a bare face or a face full of toxin-free makeup! Shine brightly and live fearlously!



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