Dollup Case Review

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Today I’d like to review my latest makeup obsession: The Dollup Case

Pictured above is the Dollup Case in Rose Gold (also named Gatsy Gold depending on where you buy it). This makeup case doubles as a clutch and holds all of your makeup essentials, as well as your pressed pan products hidden underneath a secure mirror for added protection!

This case retails for the hefty price of $52.00 and can be purchased directly from” target=”_blank”>, or other makeup companies that partnered with Dollup Beauty to sell this case, such as Root Cosmetics, which is where I got mine:

This case comes in a variety of beautiful colors, is very sturdy and well-made, and is particularly great for people who travel a lot or like to carry a makeup case with them throughout the day!

This photo shows the Dollup Case open and empty:

You can see the beautiful rose gold lines the interior, as well as the exterior and the beautiful mirror rests on the right side.


The individual black straps range in width to hold lipsticks, lipgloss, makeup brushes, eyeliner, and anything else you can think of!

This photo shows how the mirror can be lifted and stays securely upright to serve as a mini vanity for on-the-go convenience!


This is what the Dollup Case looks like when it’s closed, which shows the width of the product. It’s not thin in order to accommodate the makeup brushes and thicker items that are stored on the left side of the case.


This is what my Dollup Case looks like with my daily staples:

It is thick enough to fit small 10gram size sifter jars for loose mineral eyeshadows, blushes, and mini sized jars.


This is what my Dollup Case looks like underneath the mirror:

The mirror does not stay upright and has to be held up in order to not fall down when using your pressed pigments. I wish it stayed upright, however, the one good thing is that when it does fall down, it’s impossible for it to do damage to your pressed eyeshadows that are attached to the magnetic pan beneath the mirror. When you’re done using your pressed pigments, make sure the top with the mirror is pushed down all the way to secure everything before you close your case (just to be safe!).


The magnetic pan hidden underneath the mirror is really the main attraction to this beautiful case, in my opinion! I have all of my favorite mineral eyeshadows from Brija Cosmetics and Silk Naturals that I pressed myself. I also have my favorite Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadows and Root Cosmetics eyeshadows, blush, and bronzer all in one place!

Z-pallets can do the same thing, but the difference between a Z-palette and the Dollup Case is the ability to carry additional essential items on the left side of the case that aren’t designed to be in a magnetic pan. Additionally, the Dollup Case is more portable because the outside of the case has a cushion that protects the inside contents in a way that Z-palettes just don’t do.

I personally think Z-palettes are great for storing pressed pigments in my makeup console and vanity, but I never travel with them because I’m afraid of shattering my much loved pressed makeup products! This Dollup Case solves that problem, is small enough to fit in most purses, and looks absolutely beautiful!

Even though I don’t travel much and I’m not nearly out of the house as much as I used to be for work, I still find this Dollup Case to be a great item to have for makeup lovers who want to put their daily staples in one place for easy access.

You can purchase Z-palettes as well as this Dollup Case from //” target=”_blank”> for a price that is not inflated.

I hope you found this review helpful!

Have a magical day!

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