Root Cosmetics RAVE Review & FOTD!

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Root is an Indie Mineral-based cosmetic brand that is fairly new, as they opened in 2013 and have grown quite a bit over the past 3 years. Root is a cruelty-free company based in Iowa and I’ve been eyeing their products for months upon months now! Part of me didn’t want to take the plunge because I’ve been using mineral makeup for the past decade and I figured, “what could really be new?”. I am so glad I put my apprehensions aside and tried their products because WOW, I am simply blown away….

In addition to Root’s loose mineral cosmetics, they are also expanding on their pressed mineral eyeshadows and blushes, as well! They offer Z-palettes (to store pressed eyeshadow and blush pans) and a Dollup Case to store all of your pressed products, brushes, and loose products for on the go! I would love to try their pressed products in the future!

The photo above shows my Root Cosmetics purchase, which features 3 full sized eyeshadows, two full sized blushes, a Pretty Balm, a Pretty Blender, and their Pearl Powder foundation. I also received a free eyeshadow sample pictured on the bottom left! I also think it’s a very nice touch when I order from Indie companies and when you receive your order, the packing slip is hand signed with a “Thank you” note. It adds a nice, personal touch that you will never find in big, conventional brands.

I also love supporting Indie companies because I’m essentially supporting an Independent woman, a stay-at-home mom, or a person with a side business who is doing something he or she simply loves to do! We’ve really lost touch with our connection to one another and how we can all help each other thrive and flourish by supporting one another’s creative goals and passions!

My order arrived in this re-useable, cute bag that stored all my goodies that I purchased and will be reviewing in today’s very detailed post. I love the added touch of the re-useable bag because these always come in handy for traveling or for storing other items to keep things organized.



Pictured from left to right:

  • Pearl Powder Foundation in 3 Warm for Fair to Light complexions with a warm undertone.
  • Sugar Plum Mineral Blush
  • Sadie Mineral Blush
  • Holland eyeshadow
  • Tan Rose eyeshadow
  • Portland eyeshadow

Pearl Powder Foundation in G2



I chose my match and bought the full size without trying a sample because Root’s Youtube model has a similar complexion to me and this is the shade that works for her, so I went with this one and it matches my fair skin with yellow undertones perfectly. I’ve been buying loose mineral and pressed mineral foundation for so long that I kind of just know when a color will work for me and I knew that if this didn’t match me, no other color would. I would recommend purchasing samples of their colors to find your correct match before buying the full size, though.

Root’s Pearl Powder foundation is unique because since it is a loose mineral foundation, it can be applied three different ways:

  1. Dry with a dense foundation flat top Kabuki Brush
  2. With a damp Pretty Blender applied with the dry minerals
  3. As a liquid or serum foundation. (Mix a couple of drops of water or a serum/oil of choice and mix in with the loose minerals in the cap and apply with the damp Pretty Blender)

I’ve tried many loose mineral foundations and after reading the ingredients in Root’s Pearl Powder Foundation, I wasn’t really convinced it would offer anything different. But, I was very intrigued by the implementation of the damp Pretty Blender to apply the dry minerals to get added coverage that sinks into the skin. I’ve tried doing this with other mineral makeup products with a different Beauty Blender dupe and couldn’t get it to work for me.

Root’s Pretty Blender is their version of the famous Beauty Blender:


I prepped the Pretty Blender until it was only slightly damp, sprinkled out the loose mineral powder into the lid and pressed the pretty blender into the loose powder. I dabbed it onto my face in stippling motions and all I can say is…..WOW…. It truly does just sink into the skin as it becomes one with my skin and blends beautifully while offering amazing coverage.

I almost didn’t post this review this weekend, as I had planned, because my skin has been freaking out the past few days due to a natural skincare regimen experiment gone very, very badly… My face is literally broken out EVERYWHERE after years of having my acne under control and finally getting the scarring to fade over time. It’s amazing how quickly it can go south. So, I didn’t want to try a new foundation and take photos with my skin in this condition. But, then I thought maybe this is the best time to try a new foundation and really put it to the test! Makeup allows us to be artistic and creative, but it also helps us feel confident in our own skin. So, I’d like to help people with similar skin conditions with finding toxin-free foundations that won’t further wreak havoc on their skin. I’m here for you all!

When my skin was breaking out horribly after I went off the birth control pill in my early 20s, I went on two rounds of Accutane and it still came back because it didn’t address the underlying hormonal cause. Nevertheless, over these years, I’ve tried every maximum coverage foundation that has been offered, both natural and conventional products, including products designed to cover tattoos and I’ve never been wowed by any of it.

Up until now, what I feel provides the best coverage for acne prone skin and post acne scarring is to use a slightly tacky concealer over problem areas and then apply your mineral foundation on top, in layers, with a very high quality dense brush and this will literally cover everything, except the texture of uneven skin. Mineral makeup needs something to adhere to in order to provide maximum coverage. The problem with this is that most concealers, both natural and conventional, clog pores like no other thing on the planet….

All of this explanation is leading me to describe my sheer joy at being able to stipple on this Root Cosmetics Pearl Powder foundation with the Pretty Blender and it gives me the SAME COVERAGE as using a concealer underneath my mineral foundation. I do have to apply it in layers because one layer basically evens out my skintone and starts hiding the active blemishes. It covers post acne scarring almost immediately, which is wonderful once I get my skin back in shape. But, the other amazing thing is that I need so much less mineral foundation to get the job done, even when applying three layers.

The most AMAZING part is that when I use this method with the Pretty Blender and it covers my active acne, when I apply my bronzer and blush on top, the pesky acne marks do NOT GET EMPHASIZED!!! Nothing is more annoying when spending all this time applying makeup to cover imperfections, only to have all the imperfections suddenly peek through with a vengence once I apply blush to add dimension back into my face. When using Root’s method, I apply blush and bronzer and the marks STAY CONCEALED under the blush!! After I applied their blush and my blemishes were still concealed, I literally said out loud, “what sorcery is this???”. It’s literally magical…

And now that I don’t have to plaster heavy concealer underneath my foundation, my skin can breath, the makeup feels weightless, and my oil is controlled for a longer period of time.

One last thing to mention about this foundation. When I first looked at it in the jar (and you can see it if you look close in the above photos), there are pretty obvious shimmer particles sprinkled throughout the foundation. This made me sort of pause and wonder if this would be a deal-breaker for me. I already have oily skin, so I don’t need any added overt shimmer. I remember reading a review of someone saying they didn’t like the foundation because it contains shimmer. HOWEVER, I just wanted to let you know that although the shimmer is there, when I actually apply it to my skin, I have no idea where it goes because my face doesn’t look glittery in any way shape or form.

This foundation does have a satin-matte finish, overall. However, it lasts all day long on my very oily skin without breaking up in patches. I don’t need to touch it up throughout the day.

I would recommend using a setting powder because my pores were pretty apparent until I used a setting powder. I don’t have Root’s setting powder (which now I wish I did purchase it….) so I used a setting powder by Juice Beauty and my pores were blurred quite well.


Holland: a light, shimmery pink-based champagne. Great as a one color wash!




Tan Rose: A beautiful antique rose gold with a sheen that is STUNNING as a one color wash that is slightly deeper than Holland.


Tan Rose:


Portland: A beautiful complex shade that has plum, brown, taupe, and copper tones. This is also a great one color wash or used on the outer 2/3rds of the eye for added dimension. I think all three of these shades work beautifully together. Portland is one shade deeper than Tan Rose.



Left to Right: Holland, Tan Rose, & Portland


Left to Right: Holland, Tan Rose, Portland


Photo of me wearing all three shadows:

I wanted to only use Root products, so I didn’t use a crease color.




Sadie Blush:

Sadie is the closest thing I’ve found to a dupe for Everyday Minerals’ discontinued blush in Snuggle!! Snuggle is one of my all time favorite blushes and I am absolutely overjoyed to have found a replacement!! Sadie is the perfect everyday peachy pink with subtle sheen that livens up my face.

Sugar Plum Blush:

Sugar Plum is absolutely beautiful and I wish I had purchased it so much sooner! It’s a great fall and winter blush shade of plummy magenta with rose overtones so it’s not too bright. It blends smoothly and applies flawlessly. I would wear this color all year round, too because it adds dimension to my face and is such a stunning color! This shade also has subtle sheen with no visible shimmer when applied.

Blush Swatches: Sugar Plum (left) Sadie (Right)


Sugar Plum (Left) Sadie (Right)


Finger Swatches: Sugar Plum, Holland, Sadie, Tan Rose


Finger Swatch of Portland eyeshadow:


Pretty Balm in Sugar Plum

Root’s Pretty Balm is a tinted lip balm that applies a sheer tint of color to the lips. I imagined that the formula would be thicker due to the “balm” name, however, it’s more on the thin side, which can tend to emphasize lip lines and any chapped areas. This is the only product that I do like, but I don’t love because I have other lip products that I find to be more moisturizing and look better on my lips. The color Sugar Plum is very pretty!

All of the arm swatches together: Top to Bottom: Pretty Balm in Sugar Plum, Portland eyeshadow, Tan Rose eyeshadow, Holland eyeshadow, Sadie Blush, Sugar Plum blush, and a swatch of Pearl Powder foundation in 3 Warm.



My Final Look Wearing:

  • Root Pearl Powder in G2 applied with a damp Pretty Blender
  • Sadie Mineral Blush
  • Zuzu Luxe Bronzer in D-28 (I don’t have a Root bronzer)
  • Eyeshadows in Holland, Tan Rose, and Portland
  • Brown eyeliner from Tarte
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Root’s Pretty Balm in Sugar Plum
  • Zuzu Luxe Brow Pencil in Russet
  • Juice Beauty Finishing Powder

This photo is taken under studio lights:


You can see the texture of my blemishes peeking through in the below photo, but the pigment is not emphasized by the blush! My entire face is covered in deep, painful blemishes and this foundation covered EVERYTHING.



Here’s a candid shot my husband took of me under studio lights that show every single imperfection as if I were staring at myself with a microscope (not pretty….). Even though you can see the texture of active blemishes, everything is concealed!


I hope you have found this review to be helpful! I am so, so glad I gave Root Cosmetics a try and I can’t wait to explore more of their products in the future! It’s so much fun finding another indie company that offers unique, high quality products at an affordable price! All product details and prices can be found on (this link will give you 10% off!)

You can also search for Root’s YouTube channel where you’ll find so many helpful videos with live swatches of each color!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a beautiful day!

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