FOTD Featuring Pacifica & Zuzu Luxe Cosmetics!

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Hi, everyone! Today I will be focusing on products I used for my Face of the Day (FOTD) featuring Pacifica Cosmetics and Zuzu Luxe Cosmetics! I’ve reviewed Pacifica in my previous post, so I won’t go into detail about their company, as a whole. I will be reviewing the individual makeup products I used from Pacifica.

This photo features Zuzu Luxe’s Dual Powder Foundation in D-7 and Bronzer in D28


Zuzu Luxe is a cruelty-free and natural cosmetic brand featuring Pressed Mineral Makeup products such as mineral foundation, bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow. They also sell mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. They are one of the few brands that can be found not only online BUT they can also be found at Whole Foods and other smaller health-food stores. This is exciting because it can be difficult to find natural cosmetic lines that we can test out and see in real life prior to purchasing. However, you can also purchase Zuzu Luxe products on discount web sites such as and (two of my favorite web sites to shop “natural” from food to skin-care to makeup). Zuzu Luxe and Gabriel Cosmetics are the same company, however Zuzu Luxe is one of the lines within Gabriel Cosmetics. You’ll most likely find both lines in Whole Foods. I will warn you that Whole Foods seems to jack up the retail prices of certain products, especially makeup products, so I rarely buy makeup from Whole Foods unless they’re having a sale. The one amazing thing is if you want to try out a product, you can swatch it at Whole Foods and if you decide to buy it and end up not liking it, you can always return it after using it with no questions asked. Then once you’ve decided you like a product, you can find it for a better value online.

Zuzu Luxe is considered a mid-range to high-end line of makeup with prices averaging about $15-$30 per product, depending on the product and where you buy it. One of the other nice things about this line is that you can buy refill pans for less money and put them in an empty magnetic palette to save money, as well. Or, you can buy the compact for a bit more the first time and then buy the refill pans in the future.

One of the other very convenient features about Zuzu Luxe is that they offer pressed mineral products, which can be easier for people to use when they are transitioning from using conventional to natural makeup products. I know it can be a bit daunting to use loose mineral products in the beginning, although I promise it’s easy to get the hang of. However, sometimes we just want the ease and convenience of having something pressed and in a regular compact, especially for on the go application and when travelling.

Pictured above, I use Zuzu Luxe’s dual powder foundation in the shade D-7, which is for fair-light skin with beige undertones. I have fair skin with neutral to yellow undertones and D-7 works better for me than shade D-4, which is too light and too neutral. This foundation offers light to full coverage, depending on how many layers you put on or what type of brush you use. The denser the brush, the higher the coverage. I typically like medium-full coverage to even out my skintone and cover acne-scarring (my skin went absolutely INSANE when I went off birth control in my early 20’s and 7 years later, it still isn’t fully back to normal). This product offers a matte finish, good coverage, and works well with my oily skin! I purchase the refill pan (pictured above) on when they are having a sale.

This is an up close photo of Zuzu Luxe’s Bronzer in D-28


This bronzer is one of my all-time favorites and I have tried a ridiculous amount of bronzers. This is the lightest shade that Zuzu Luxe offers and it’s a medium brown with a subtle golden sheen that surprisingly works really well as a contour and an all over bronzer to warm up my face. This bronzer is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way and since it is so pigmented, it will work for a variety of skin tones, as well. I like this bronzer so much because the product’s finish is absolutely perfect since their foundation is matte. This product adds a very subtle luminosity that livens up my skin, even in the dead of winter without looking over the top and fake, which is saying a lot for someone who is so fair. There is absolutely no “orange” in this bronzer, which is why I love it so much. It looks the way my skin naturally looks when I have a tan, which is warm, but not too warm. This bronzer has never looked muddy on my skin, either.

This is a finger swatch of the bronzer:


Pacifica Products


Next we have Pacifica’s blush in Camellia:



Camellia is a beautiful everyday shade of neutral pink with peach undertones that adds a subtle warmth. This shade can be worn very lightly or built up for a flush of color. It’s great for all seasons of the year and would be the perfect blush for work or job interviews because it is so natural. Anyone new to using blush or who shies away from bright or bold colors will love this shade.

Camellia has a matte-satin finish on the skin. This blush wears all day on my oily skin (10+ hours).

This is a swatch of Zuzu Luxe Bronzer in D-28 and Pacifica Blush in Camellia:

Natural Lighting


Indoor Lighting


Next, we have Pacifica’s Enlightened Lip Gloss in Ravish:


Ravish is a sheer berry with gold micro-shimmer. It looks much deeper in the tube than it does on my naturally pale pink lips.

Lip Swatch of Ravish:



Arm Swatches:

Indoor lighting


Natural lighting


Ravish is a very pretty, toned down shade that would be great as a topper to matte lipsticks or used on its own for a more natural, glossy look. Pacifica’s lip glosses are moisturizing and smell faintly of vanilla cupcakes.

Next, I used Pacifica’s Mystical Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette:



Finger Swatches


Arm Swatches with one swipe:



This is probably my favorite Pacifica eyeshadow palette because each color is pigmented, versatile, unique, and so buttery smooth/blendable.

In order from bottom to top:

Opal–pale off-white with pink duochrome. This is perfect as a brow-bone and inner corner highlight. I love using it all over my lid to set my eye primer. It’s also great to use in the middle of your lid on top of an eyeshadow to brighten up your eyes.

Celestial–a light, pigmented satin beige-gold-peach sheen that is the perfect one color all over the lid wash for an easy eye look that instantly brightens your eyes. I love that it’s not shimmery, but has such a beautiful sheen. I tried to capture it’s unique shade in my arm swatches. It applies lighter on the eyes than it appears in the pan because of it’s luminosity.

Moonbeam–A mid-tone taupey grey with purple undertones. It’s a beautiful lid shade or I personally love it as a crease shade. It has a soft satin finish.

Stargazer–A vivid, deep periwinkle blue that is great for the outer v, using for a smokey eye effect, or as a liner shade.

My finished eye look:

My camera has trouble picking up the depth of each color. I typically wear toned down neutral eye looks. I used Opal all over my lid up to my brow bone and as an inner corner highlight. I used Celestial all over my lower lid and as an inner order highlight. Moonbeam was used as a crease shade and Stargazer was used as liner.


Lastly, I used Pacifica’s Stellar Gaze Mascara in Super Nova, which honestly works just as well for me as Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! The above picture shows one coat of mascara. I have really wimpy, stick-straight lashes that point down without mascara. I don’t even curl my lashes and this mascara curls them and keeps them up all day.

To lightly fill in my brows, I used Zuzu Luxe’s brow pencil in Russet, a medium brown shade. To set my brows, I used Pacfica’s Brow Gel and Gloss in Golden Brown.

To finish off my Pacifica experience, I used their newest all-natural fragrance in Sugared Amber Dreams, which is a beautiful blend of sweet vanilla with amber undertones. I love the fairytale, dream-like packaging that makes me envision star gazing while being wrapped in a warm embrace. The embossed unicorns adds a magical touch! This perfume lasts for hours on me, however, since it’s natural and doesn’t contain carcinogenic phthalates to extend wear-time, it does need to be re-applied about half-way throughout the day. This is one of Pacifica’s longer-lasting fragrances, though and when I spray it on my clothes, the scent lingers for much longer. All of their fragrances are also available in body butter, hand lotion, roll-on tubes, and as candles (most of them).


Final Look:


Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for reading and I hoped you found these reviews and swatches helpful!

Have a beautiful day!

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