FOTD Featuring Brija, Antonym, & RAL Cosmetics

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Hi, everyone! Today I will be doing a breakdown of my Face of the Day (FOTD) featuring Brija Cosmetics, Antonym Cosmetics, Red Apple Lipstick, Pacifica, and Zuzu Luxe products. All of these brands are natural, cruelty-free, and free of FD&C Dyes. Instead of solely focusing on one brand, I’m going to highlight a few items or an item or two from each brand to expose you to more of a variety of brands. I’m also including some of my experiences or feedback regarding certain brands that are considered ‘high end” (which means they’re on the expensive side of the pricing scale).

All of these brands also vary in price-range and how mainstream they are. I like to support companies that have a philosophy based on integrity surrounded by principles of using the most natural ingredients possible, while maintaining a cruelty-free status. Some brands are considered more “high end” or “luxury” items, whereas others may be more affordable, but not as well known. I’d like to point out that in the natural & organic cosmetic realm, just because an item is at a cheaper price-point, it doesn’t mean that the item is of lower quality than similar items of a higher price-point. In mainstream, conventional cosmetics there is a big distinction in people’s minds between drug-store products and “high-end” products found at stores like Sephora or Ulta. People expect drug-store products to be made with cheaper ingredients, cheaper packaging, thus yielding a product of lower value.

However, this isn’t true when it comes to shopping for natural and organic makeup. Yes, certain items that cost more to make will ultimately cost more to buy, however, certain companies simply charge more for their products because they use luxe style packaging and clever marketing strategies that pull people in, making them think they are getting the best of the best in natural products when they can most likely find a very similar item of the same quality for a more affordable price if they shop around. It’s hard to explain this without throwing brand names around, which I don’t want to do. But, I do feel that this is an important topic because I see a lot of people on YouTube and on other Blogs who are just transitioning over into using more natural products and all I see them using are these incredibly expensive, overpriced products that use the terms “natural/organic” to price gauge. Using natural cosmetics does not have to break the bank. In fact, most of the products I truly love the most are not only the most reasonably priced, but they’re actually superior products overall and they’re created by independent women with a lot of creativity and love for what they make.

Lastly, before I finally move into my FOTD and mini reviews, I do want to note that I have of course purchased “high end” natural cosmetics or received certain items as birthday or Christmas presents simply because I either bought into the hype at the time or I was really interested in seeing if these products are any better than their cheaper alternatives. So, you will see some more expensive items in some of my posts and I will be fully honest about what I think of the product. And, if I think the product is worth the price tag. Also, some higher end items can be purchased at a discount on some of my favorite web sites that offer a variety of natural cosmetic brands and I will list where I purchased my more expensive items.

Here is a photo of some of the Items I will be using today:


This is the final look:


In the above photo I am wearing:

  • Zuzu Luxe Pressed Mineral Foundation in D7 Refill pan (Purchased on
  • Zuzu Luxe Brow Pencil in Russet (Purchased on
  • Zuzu Luxe Clear Mascara to set brows (Purchased on
  • Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara in Black (Purchased at Target on sale)
  • Antonym Cosmetics Baked Blush in Rose (Purchased on–they have a rewards program and I had $15 off my order)
  • Brija Cosmetics eyeshadows in: Lace Dresses, They Abbey, Selfless, & Strive
  • Brija Cosmetics Hoola Hoop Bronzer
  • Brija Cosmetics ESPN Highlighter
  • Red Apple Lipstick (RAL) eyeshadow in Sandcastle (Purchased during a sale on
  • Red Apple Lipstick (RAL) Lipgloss in Kissyfit (Purchased during a sale on and received as a Christmas present)

This photo shows eyeshadows in the following order: RAL Sandcastle, Brija Cosmetics Lace Dresses, Brija Selfess, Brija Strive, Brija The Abbey


This is an up close photo of Brija Cosmetics Lace Dresses eyeshadow. It’s such a beautiful, unique shade with multi-dimensional shimmer sprinkled throughout. I tried to get a photo to do it justice!


This photo provides arm swatches of all the eyeshadows:


Finger swatches of the eyeshadows: Brija Cosmetics Strive, RAL Sandcastle, Brija Lace Dresses, and Brija Selfless


Red Apple Lipsticks Sandcastle is a light peachy satin shade with slight, slight silver shimmer. I use it as an all over lid shade, inner corner highlight and/or brow-bone highlight.

Now, these shadows are very expensive, retailing at $18.75 each for a small pan that equals that of a loose 5gram jar of eyeshadow (which generally retails for about $5.00 from other natural companies). If you’re the type of person who only wants a few staple eyeshadow shades, then this price may be worth it for you. These shadows are on the sheerer side, but they do apply nicely, smoothly, and evenly. They come in a variety of wearable shades that are pretty. You won’t find duochromes here or anything too unique, though. They are great for sensitive eyes, but so are every other type of mineral eyeshadow with minimal ingredients. It is, however, unique to find a pressed eyeshadow in the natural beauty realm. Most eyeshadows come as loose pigments in a sifter jar.

I personally feel that if you’re someone who likes to have a lot of shadows to play around with, then buying loose pigment eyeshadows from other companies like Silk Naturals or Brija Cosmetics for about $5.00 each is the economically wiser thing to do. Loose pigments are very versatile and you can easily press them yourself with fractionated coconut oil and rubbing alcohol (which is what I do with my staple shades). Silk Naturals also sells a shadow-pressing kit that comes with their own pressing medium, empty palette, and empty pans.

If you don’t want to press your own shadows, brands like Pacifica offer shadow palettes which contain 4 eyeshadow shades for about $12-$14.00, or more shades for under $20.00

Moving on….

Brija Cosmetics Lace Dresses eyeshadow is a great neutral shade with taupe, peach, gold, and beige. It’s from Brija’s Downton Abbey Collection, along with the other 3 Brija eyeshadows I used. It’s a perfect shade to reflect the feeling of the Edwardian Era, in my mind! It’s light, but deep enough to offer definition for paler ladies like myself and I think this would be absolutely stunning on women with deeper skin tones!

Brija Cosmetics Selfless eyeshadow is the most wearable light mint/teal green shade with purple shimmer reflects that is a showstopper. This shadow is magical and I can get lost staring at it in the jar! It will look good on any eye color because it’s not a bright shade, unless you apply it foiled (which means you wet your brush before applying the shadow for bolder pigmentation). This is a must-have shadow because it’s subtle enough for the office when toned down, but can be applied more boldly for other occasions.

Brija Strive is a medium plum shade with multicolored sparkle that applies as a satin and is great as a crease shade. It’s my favorite purple eyeshadow because it’s not “in your face” purple and pairs well with both cool and warm tones.

Brija The Abbey is a matte-satin shade with hints of silver sparkle that I only noticed when I swatched it. It applies as a matte shade that is a great warm crease shade. A perfect everyday look is Lace Dresses all over the lid and The Abbey in the crease. Plus, I love that this shade is inspired by the castle in Downton Abbey!

This is an up close photo of the eye-look using these shades, however, it doesn’t capture each color very well, so I apologize in advance.

I have Sandcastle all over my lid up to my brow bone and as an inner corner highlight. Lace Dresses is all over my lower lid up to the crease. Strive and The Abbey are applied in the outer V and my crease. Selfless is in the center of my lid.


(Swatches & reviews of Brija Cosmetics Hoola Hoop Bronzer and ESPN Highlight can be found in my Brija Cosmetics FOTD blog post)

Next, we have Antonym Cosmetics Baked Blush in Rose:


The bamboo packaging of this blush is bulky, but stunning, sturdy, and environmentally friendly! Plus, just take a look at this beauty…. This product retails for $35.00 and I stalked it for a long time before purchasing it. I finally gave in when I had a $15.00 off rewards code from I’m so glad I did. The price may seem high, but you’re also getting A LOT of blush (9 grams) in pressed form. This blush is decently pigmented, so after using it time and time again, I can’t even see a dent in the round baked blush pan. This is one of the instances where I feel that this is worth the money for the amount of product you get, the way the product performs, and how long the product will last. This blush in the shade Rose is exactly that: a perfect mid-tone dusky rose with subtle mauve-brown undertones that make it look the way my natural skin looks when I flush. It adds definition to my face and gives me such an airbrushed appearance. This product beats out Charlotte Tilbury blushes and ties with Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes.

The following three photos are swatches of Antonym Cosmetics blush in Rose




These swatches don’t do the blush justice. It applies as a satin finish.

Next, we have Red Apple Lipstick’s Lipgloss (in the original formula) in the shade Kissyfit



This lipgloss retails for $18.50, which is a bit high for lip-gloss, but they do have frequent sales, which makes it easier to stomach. I feel like I’m coming off as a RAL hater, but I’m really not. I’ve been following this brand for a long time and I have over a dozen of their lipsticks, 4 of their eyeshadows, and 4 of their lipglosses (not all purchased at once, all purchased during sales, and many given to me as gifts over holidays).

My major issue with Red Apple Lipstick is that they purposely price their items high because they know they give out coupon codes every month, along with coupon codes to YouTubers to give out to their subscribers. So, they KNOW they’re not going to actually get the retail price for their products, but, instead of just pricing their items at a lower price-point without having a million sales, they have sales as a marketing technique because everyone LOVES a good deal. People are more likely to buy something on sale that they don’t actually need or particularly love just so they don’t pass up a good deal. Red Apple Lipstick flourishes on this principle. And it doesn’t particularly sit with me well.

BUT, they do offer high quality products. Their lipstick and lipgloss formulas are one of my favorites because they’re moisturizing enough on their own. However, Silk Naturals lip products are the best lip products I’ve EVER found and they retail for $4.50-$5.99 each.

I digress…  RAL’s Lipgloss in Kissyfit is a mid-tone strawberry red with multi-dimensional shimmer that feels moisturizing and wears off evenly. It does feel different than the other shades I own of theirs in the Original formula (it’s thicker and tackier). It does not leave a stain on the lips once worn off and it also does not leave a trail of glitter behind. However, for some unknown reason, RAL decided to STRONGLY flavor this batch of lipgloss in Kissyfit and Twinkle Toes in this overpowering, overwhelming cough medicine cherry/berry flavoring that LINGERS like no other. I smell it when I’m applying it and the ENTIRE time it’s on my lips. This makes it hard to wear because 1. The smell is so unpleasant to me. 2.It smells very artificial, which makes me wonder how natural it can be. 3. How can I eat or drink anything without ruining the experience if my lips taste/smell like cough medicine all day long? What were they thinking??? I haven’t returned it because I received this as a Christmas present and I do love the color, but the smell…..the smell…….. What kills me is that their other shades in their original formula smell so pleasantly of soft vanilla that doesn’t linger. What was wrong with that flavor, Red Apple Lipstick?? Plus, they gave ZERO warning that they changed the flavoring in these two new shades released in their Winter 2015-2016 collection. Not cool, RAL…not cool.

Here are two photos in an attempt to show the shades a bit more:



Wow, this blog took a very long time to prepare for, take photos, write, edit, and post! Please let me know if it’s too overwhelming. I’d like these reviews to be informative for people that are new to different options in the natural cosmetic community, which is why I’m including information about companies, as well as individual products.

I hope these blog posts are helpful! Overall, if you’re seeing a product in one of these posts, I have to like it or love it enough to include it. But, I want you to also be aware of some of my opinions regarding pricing and comparisons to other related products to help people who are trying to narrow down what they may or may not like to purchase themselves.

I don’t mean to be offensive in any way! I’m only one person offering a single perspective. Although, as a wise person reminded me today: we are all in this together, after all!

Have a beautiful day!

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