Pacifica Lip Gloss in Nudist & Blush in Wildrose

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Hi, everyone! Today I will be reviewing Pacifica’s Enlightened Lip Gloss in the shade Nudist, as well as Pacifica’s blush in the shade Wildrose. Pacifica is a cruelty-free brand based in Portland, Oregon and they are most known for their natural perfume line (Blog post of some of my favorite Pacifica perfumes is coming up, soon!). However, over the past couple of years or so, Pacifica has really been expanding their natural makeup line that consists of eye shadow palettes, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, brow gel, eyeliners, bronzer/highlighter, and two blushes.

Pacifica’s cosmetics are completely free of FD&C Dyes, which is very difficult to find, especially brands that can be found at your local Target! They also avoid the use of most conventional preservatives and if they do use a preservative, they use potassium sorbate or phenoxyethanol in small amounts (towards the end of the ingredients list). Everyone differs with their comfort level of using these preservatives, so if this is something that is important to you, be sure to read all ingredients before purchasing.

I love that Pacifica is growing as a company without losing their integrity and that they’re bringing their natural, non-toxic philosophy to the public in a more convenient way. Now, we can walk into Target and see colors in real life, however, not all of their products can be found in Target. Hopefully they will be soon, though! ::fingers crossed::

This picture features Pacifica’s Enlightened Lip Gloss in Nudist.


Nudist is a semi-sheer medium peachy, terracotta shade that is neutral in tone with gold shimmer sprinkled throughout. There is a hint of rose, as well, which offsets the warmth and allows the shade to be more neutral in overall tone. This shade is a “nude” without washing me out (and that’s miraculous because I’m very fair) and is a great shade you can keep in your purse at all times because it will match just about anything.

This is my lip swatch of Nudist:


I have very, very pale pink lips naturally so any shade applied to my bare lips will appear lighter on me than it will on people with a deeper lip tone.

Here is an arm swatch of Nudist:


Here is a 2nd arm swatch of Nudist that shows the gold shimmer:


Overall, Pacifica’s lip gloss formula is one of my favorite natural lip glosses because it’s nicely moisturizing, only slightly sticky (and this aspect allows the gloss to have a longer wear-time), wears off evenly throughout the day, and it doesn’t leave behind a layer of shimmer after the color has worn off. These glosses also smell like vanilla cupcakes! And this fragrance is naturally derived, as well. I’m a very tough judge of lip products because no matter how much water I drink, my lips are chronically dry and I literally feel naked without something on my lips. I don’t have to use a lip balm underneath this gloss to have healthy, happy lips at the end of the day!

Pacifica Enlightened lip glosses retail for $12.00 on, but you may be able to find them on sale at your local Target. I recently found them on clearance at my Target for $3.84 each! Of, course, I picked up three new shades because I couldn’t walk away from that…. If you’d like to see me review more of their lip gloss or lipstick shades, please leave a comment below and I’d love to do it!

Pacifica’s Blush in Wildrose

Next, I will be reviewing Pacifica’s blush in the shade Wildrose. I will be doing a second blog post soon on their other blush shade, Camellia. Wildrose is a beautifully interesting shade of warm rose, with a tinge of burnt orange/coral, and a lovely silver sheen to balance out the warmth. The shimmer appears more as a “lit from within” sheen when applied to the cheeks and does not give off large glitter particles at all. This shade is great for warming up my pale complexion and it even manages to add nice dimension to my face because of the shading it provides on the cheek bones.

This is a photo of the packaging of Pacifica blush in Wildrose:


The packaging looks pretty, however, my one complaint is that it doesn’t feel very durable and feels like the top will break off at any time. This is why I’m not comfortable putting these blushes in my travel makeup bag or throwing it in my purse for on the go touch-ups. So, for the price point of $12.00, I feel that the packaging could be a little bit sturdier.

On the plus side, this blush lasts 10+ hours on my oily skin so there is no need to touch it up throughout the day. The blush applies smoothly and evenly and does not irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin at all. The product is pigmented without being too pigmented and can be applied lightly or built up, so I feel that this shade would work for a variety of skin tones.

Photo of Pacifica blush in Wildrose in the pan:


Arm swatch of Pacifica Blush in WIldrose:


Finger swatch of Pacifica blush in Wildrose (more accurately shows the color):


Lastly, here is a photo of me wearing these two products:


In this photo I am also wearing:

  • Lucy Minerals Foundation in Light
  • Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer
  • Pacifica blush in Wildrose
  • Pacifica Lip Gloss in Nudist
  • Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara in Super Nova
  • Pacifica Brow Gel in Golden Brown
  • Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadows in Iced Mocha & Twinkle Taupe

I hope you’ve found these reviews helpful. Please leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll be glad to answer anything I can!

Have a lovely day!

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