100 Percent Pure Nail Polish in Velveteen

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The natural, cruelty-free company 100% Pure has released a full line of 10-Free nail polishes that are, “free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients” (100PercentPure.com). This brand is most well-known in the natural beauty community for their fruit-pigmented line of cosmetics that is free of dyes, as well as traditional toxin-laden preservatives. I was very excited to grab more of their nail polish shades during one of their Holiday 2015 sales and I’m so glad I did!

This is my 100% Pure Nail Polish collection:


Each shade retails for $12.00 on 100PercentPure.com and after trying out each shade, I can honestly recommend them and say that they are worth their price tag. They are also the only line of 10-Free Nail Polish formulas that I am aware of that actually apply smoothly, evenly, and last a full week before any wear starts to show.

The shade I will be highlighting today is the shade Velveteen, which is a medium, dusky mauve with a hint of plum. This shade will be beautiful for any season of the year and is great for any occasion.

My thumb in this picture has had the nail polish on for 10 days!


This is a photo of my hand after a week of wear with this nail polish:


There’s slight chipping after a week of wear, but it’s nothing too noticeable. As I write this article, I’ve had the nail polish on for 10 days and I don’t feel the need to remove it just yet!

For years, I avoided using nail polish because I was so busy with work, school, then grad-school. I just got used to going au-naturale sans free polish. My nails started growing out on their own and became so healthy looking, I’m convinced that putting traditional chemical-laden nail polish was suffocating my nails and made them brittle over time.

I’ve been wearing these 100% Pure nail polishes and Pacifica nail polishes (review coming soon!) for months now and my nails are still as healthy as ever!

So, when I first started wearing nail polish again, I was a little intimidated because I knew any skill level I may have had for applying nail polish was looong gone. Plus, I remember when “natural”, water-based nail polishes first came out and how awful they were…. ::shudders:: I’d spend 2 hours doing my nails only to have them chip a few hours later.

I am so happy to report that natural nail polish has come a long, looong way! This 100% Pure Nail Polish in Velveteen was so easy to apply evenly, was very forgiving, and dried down beautifully. I do have a top coat on by Pacifica because that’s the only top coat I own, however, 100% Pure does carry a base and top coat in their nail polish line.

The only shades that don’t last as long are the very shimmery shades with large glitter particles, but I’ve found this to be true with any similar nail polish, both conventional and natural varieties.

If you would like me to follow this post up with nail swatches of all the shades that I own, please leave me a comment below and I would love to do so!

Have a peaceful day!

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